Thursday 25 April 2019

…Brownback, who turned the state government into Ayn Rand’s lab rat, but the Republicans in the Kansas state capitol aren’t taking the election…

Posted about 17 hours ago Publication date: 25 Apr 2019
Times Record (Brunswick, ME)

…Letter: Pitfall of Atlas Shrugged  Times RecordThe notion that America can save itself by giving up its role in governing the world was based on the premise that Dictators and…

Posted about 22 hours ago Publication date: 25 Apr 2019

…What investors should do when Atlas shrugs  citywireselector.comIn the second part of his look at the real assets investment story, William J. Kelly looks at Ayn Rand’s most famous text to…

Posted 1 day ago Publication date: 17 Apr 2019
Wednesday 24 April 2019

…wish, but it will not replace you as the driver. — Ayn Rand

Posted 1 day ago Publication date: 24 Apr 2019

…ILENE DAVIS, CFP: Socialism For America? Read Atlas Shrugged Before its Too Late |  SpaceCoastDaily.comYOUR OPINION: As I listen to the socialist politicians trying to outdo each other on taxing the rich…

Posted 1 day ago Publication date: 06 Feb 2019

The Fountainhead: Soul-Searching | Adam Lee  PatheosThe Fountainhead, part 3, chapter 7. Dominique returns from Reno after getting her divorce, and Gail Wynand is…

Posted 2 days ago Publication date: 14 Sep 2018
Tuesday 23 April 2019

…Debate: Objectivists Are Not Libertarians  ReasonOr are they…

Posted 3 days ago Publication date: 13 Sep 2018
Monday 22 April 2019
MobyLives (Melville House)

…Street Journal reported on Wednesday, eligible Objectivists no longer need to waste time in…

Posted 4 days ago Publication date: 18 Oct 2013
First Things - First Thoughts

…collectivism, American conservatives weaponized Ayn Rand to fight Karl Marx, and for understandable reasons. But the opposition of statism with individualism was itself a…

Posted 4 days ago Publication date: 22 Apr 2019
Sunday 21 April 2019

…s The Discovery of Freedom), hobnobbed with Ayn Rand, penned six novels and amassed a 100-plus-page FBI file…

Posted 5 days ago Publication date: 21 Apr 2019
Saturday 20 April 2019

Atlas Shrugged Part III: Who is John Galt?  ReasonJohn Aglialoro is a businessman, and a very successful one, named by Fortune magazine in 2007 as the 10th richest small business executive in…

Posted 6 days ago Publication date: 12 Mar 2014

…And Hilarity Ensued: Ayn Rand’s Objectivism, Meet Harry Potter  Reason"Malfoy bought the whole team brand-new Nimbus Cleansweeps!“ Ron said, like a poor person. "That’s not fair…

Posted 6 days ago Publication date: 02 Jun 2014