Sunday 10 November 2019

…selfishness: How Trump is the embodiment of an Ayn Rand hero  AlterNet…

Posted 1 day ago Publication date: 11 Oct 2019
Thursday 07 November 2019

The Fountainhead: Prometheus Unbound | Adam Lee  Patheos…

Posted 4 days ago Publication date: 07 Jun 2019
Anything Peaceful (Foundation for Economic Freedom)

…What Ayn Rand’s “Atlas Shrugged” Teaches Us About the Insufficiency of Good Intentions | Art Carden  Foundation for Economic Education…

Posted 4 days ago Publication date: 10 Jun 2018

…Stock to Keep Your Eyes on: Anthem (NYSE:ANTM)  WEB NEWS OBSERVER…

Posted 4 days ago Publication date: 07 Nov 2019
Wednesday 06 November 2019

…But no. The actress who portrayed Rand in Ayn Rand’s Anal Antics #17 was tall, blonde and more siliconically-enhanced than the real Ayn Rand. According to the press sheet, #17 was the actress…

Posted 5 days ago Publication date: 10 Sep 2019
Tuesday 05 November 2019
State Press (AZ State U)

…To expect nothing. To depend on nothing,” wrote Ayn Rand, noted idiot, in one of her terrible novels. She represents an idyllic view of a perfectly atomized and inherently…

Posted 6 days ago Publication date: 05 Nov 2019
Monday 04 November 2019

Ayn Rand famously had a character in Atlas Shrugged remark that nobody notices philosophers until they disappear. I take her meaning but would phrase the sentiment more directly. Nobody notices the…

Posted 7 days ago Publication date: 04 Nov 2019
Sunday 03 November 2019
Canberra Times

…in the modern economy. Cowan couches cold, hard, Ayn Rand-influenced…

Posted 8 days ago Publication date: 20 Oct 2019
Stamford Advocate (CT)

…What do Ayn Rand, Hollywood and Adolph Hitler have in common? They all dreamed of building super-trains. Maybe it was because their visions for giant, high-speed…

Posted 8 days ago Publication date: 03 Nov 2019
Saturday 02 November 2019
Raw Story

…be damned, accompanied by a hundred sermons from Ayn Rand and Milton…

Posted 9 days ago Publication date: 02 Nov 2019
Friday 01 November 2019

…Where Ayn Rand’s “Atlas Shrugged” inspired generations of libertarians to enter politics, and Aaron Sorkin’s “The West Wing” did the same for idealistic liberals, a cohort of…

Posted 10 days ago Publication date: 23 Aug 2019

…The Power of We the Living, Ayn Rand’s First, Least Known Novel  New Ideal…

Posted 10 days ago Publication date: 30 Oct 2019