Thursday 25 December 2014
Ed Driscoll, PJ Media

Of course, atheism doesn’t necessarily mean socialism — even if that’s how it invariably works out (more on that later); and after the page break, allow me to reprint my 2010 post titled “It’s a Wonderful Fountainhead,” which compares Capra’s 1946 film with its very different contemporary, which was based on Ayn Rand’s novel about a young man who dreams of going to the big city, becoming an architect and building giant phallic symbols, and, unlike George Bailey, who has to reconcile never leaving his small town, succeeds on his own terms.

Posted almost 4 years ago Publication date: 25 Dec 2014
Jake Wilson, Sydney Morning Herald (Australia)

In locations across Melbourne, Blow Up Cinema (blowupcinema.com) will show films ranging from King Vidor’s bananas Ayn Rand adaptation, The Fountainhead (January 20), to the more modestly scaled The Lego Movie (January 30).

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Wednesday 24 December 2014
Frederick Clarkson, Daily Kos
HUAC   Negative   Paul Ryan  

…remarkable that leaders of the American Catholic Right, such as former GOP Vice Presidential candidate Paul Ryan have, as Frank Cocozzelli has pointed out, so proudly lionized Ayn Rand, and more recently, the Koch brothers, when social and economic justice advocate John Ryan is actually the father of modern Catholic economic thought.
Anyway, the flinty-eyed politics of suspicion and repression of the likes of HUAC, Ayn Rand, and today’s ‘the Pope is a Communist’ conservatives, is what can lead one to think It’s a Wonderful Life is a communist plot just because it portrays an unscrupulous banker as, well, unscrupulous.

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Elisabeth Vincentelli, New York Post
Anthem   Neutral  

“The Anthem.”
Unsurprisingly, turning an Ayn Rand novella into a musical starring the cowboy from Village People turned out to be a bad idea.

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Jeff Weiss, LA Weekly

Kobe Bryant:
-Four ancient and rare terra cotta warrior statues from China, to be the silent, military-minded, and non-shooting teammates he’s always dreamed of.
-A first-edition copy of Ayn Rand’s,The Fountainhead.

Posted almost 4 years ago Publication date: 24 Dec 2014
Jason Tabrys, Uproxx

It’s A Wonderful Life (NBC, Wednesday 8:00 p.m.) — An American classic about the hidden impact of one good man’s life on a town and an insidious piece of communist propaganda that casts bankers as prone and wicked. Enjoy the warm feels, you commie pig. Every time a bell rings, Ayn Rand sheds a tear.

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Cristian Salazar, AM New York

When it was unveiled in 1937, Lee Lawre’s 45-foot-tall bronze figure of the mythical Atlas — whose punishment for defying Zeus was to carry the sky for eternity — was intended to be a heroic figure. But, in the midst of World War II, many people saw in the statue’s face a too-close-for-comfort resemblance to fascist Italian dictator Benito Mussolini. There were protests that quickly flared out. However, in 1943, New York Times critics joked that Atlas should be melted down because, as one said, it “looks too much as Mussolini thinks he looks.” Since then, however, the statue has become associated with Ayn Rand’s ideal of the heroic man and her 1957 novel “Atlas Shrugged.”

Posted almost 4 years ago Publication date: 24 Dec 2014
Patrick Williams, Dallas - News - Unfair Park

And you, stlthxoppers84, for informing us that Ebola is in fact an escaped U.S. bioweapon and that stocks of vaccine were readily available in a secret bunker that also houses Ayn Rand’s frozen head.

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Robert Ehlert, Idaho Statesman (Boise)

Call me old-fashioned, conventional, mushy, gushy and a traditional sap when it comes to Christmas.

Just don’t call me an objectivist who follows the ethics of rational self-interest this time of year.

I cherish the Christmas season too much, and I can’t apply even rational philosophy to the innocence and joy of a season that wafts through my mind and memory like the fragrance of a Jefferson pine forest. I believe in the lyrics of the Christmas carols and the lesson of the Christmas Story. I believe it all.

The esteemed author who wrote the other piece on today’s Opinions page has a different take. He looks at the season through a prism of ideology he associates with the late Ayn Rand, a superb novelist, author and philosopher. I’m not criticizing Peter Schwartz, a distinguished fellow at the Ayn Rand Institute and the author of the forthcoming “In Defense of Selfishness: Why the Code of Self-Sacrifice Is Unjust and Destructive.”

We just enjoy the season differently.

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Angela Woolen, The Telegraph (Macon, GA)

Titles such as “Atlas Shrugged” by Ayn Rand and “The Time Machine” by H.G. Wells are among the audio books in the science fiction category for adults.

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Tuesday 23 December 2014
Paul B. Farrell, Morningstar

The pontiff’s message is clear: Economic inequality is the world’s No. 1 problem. And capitalism is the cause of inequality. His message has a moral authority absent in today’s GOP, which is ideologically guided by atheist Ayn Rand, patron saint of the GOP’s agenda, which is no match for Francis’ long-game strategy to raise the world’s poor out of poverty, eliminate inequality and defeat the myopic capitalism driving today’s economy, markets and political system – but maybe too little too late.

Posted almost 4 years ago Publication date: 23 Dec 2014
Jeremy Fuster, Neon Tommy (Annenberg School for Communication & Journalism, USC)
Altruism   Mixed  

I despise “It’s A Wonderful Life.”

Good LORD, what a load of schmaltzy junk that film is. It may have been ridiculous that the film got labeled communist propaganda during the McCarthy Era, but it sure made me think for the first time in my life that Ayn Rand might have had a point when she said altruism was a tad overrated. Long story short, this film is about an unfortunate sap named George who has sacrificed all his dreams and aspirations to help out a town full of people who seem to be too dumb to live.

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