Monday 01 December 2014
Master Blaster, RocketNews24
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One of the commenters on the Guinness website pointed out that another had made a GPS drawing covering most of the United States of America, encouraging everyone to read Ayn Rand. It’s unclear why Guinness has not acknowledged this particular drawing made by Nick Newcomen in 2010. And you know, even with both of these impassioned works of sheer effort and creativity and their relatively humble requests, I still find myself reluctant to get married or read Ayn Rand again.

Posted over 3 years ago Publication date: 01 Dec 2014
John Goodman, Forbes

…if all the computer models are wrong, why are we trying to base national and even global public policy on those very same models?

That’s a question that apparently hasn’t occurred to Paul Krugman, who has told us repeatedly that there is a “consensus on climate change” and that the opposition consists mainly of people “who grew up taking Ayn Rand seriously” and who find global warming a “direct challenge to the libertarian worldview.”

Posted over 3 years ago Publication date: 01 Dec 2014
Jake Wilson, Canberra Times

Despite her inspired work in the comedies of David O. Russell, she is most at home in melodrama, a genre Serena embraces wholeheartedly.
Indeed, it’s something of a throwback to King Vidor’s movies of the 1940s and ‘50s, such as The Fountainhead and Ruby Gentry, where characters expressed larger-than-life passions by transforming their surroundings: building skyscrapers, draining swamps.

Posted over 3 years ago Publication date: 01 Dec 2014
Ignatiy Vishnevetsky, The Onion A.V. Club

Aglialoro’s Atlas Shrugged project is intrinsically fascinating, because all three parts are essentially non-films; they aren’t creative or popular objects, but weights meant to hold down a contract. They are less movies than representations of movies—scale models of the big-budget trilogy Aglialoro was convinced he’d someday make, cast with stand-ins and filled with temp music and rough effects. They belong to a rare category of sub-commercial films: copyright extensions shaped like movies.

Posted over 3 years ago Publication date: 01 Dec 2014
Amesh A. Adalja, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

As one of its alumni, I experienced firsthand that Carnegie Mellon University, in every manner, is a locus of the innovation and independent-thinking exemplified by its founder, Andrew Carnegie, who can only be described as a real-life Ayn Rand hero.

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Sunday 30 November 2014
Basingstoke Gazette (UK)

Individualistic and idealistic architect Howard Roark is expelled from college because his designs fail to fit with existing architectural thinking. He seems unemployable but finally lands a job with like-minded Henry Cameron, however within a few years Cameron drinks himself to death, warning Roark that the same fate awaits unless he compromises his ideals. Roark is determined to retain his artistic integrity at all costs.

Preceded by special introduction from Stephen Quinlan, director of Denton Corker Marshall, architects of RIBA South West Award winning and Australian Institute of Architecture International Award winning Stonehenge Exhibition & Visitor Centre.

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Armando, Daily Kos

…sports bettors are being served poorly because the benefits of government regulation have been denied to them (benefits like certainty of payment, government oversight of practices, etc.) Of course, John Galt just wants the government out, but sane people who gamble on sports will welcome the government oversight role.

Posted over 3 years ago Publication date: 30 Nov 2014
Mark Z. Barabak, Los Angeles Times

Paul, of course, came nowhere close to winning the GOP presidential nomination, due in no small part to his provocative neo-isolationism. He did, though, build a national following of like-minded Ayn Rand acolytes who shared his fiercely anti-Washington, small-government, keep-your-mitts-off-me-and-my-property philosophy. Dennis, 51, was one of them.

Posted over 3 years ago Publication date: 30 Nov 2014
Scott Helman, The Boston Globe

Bagwell was an outsider again. He adapted, but it was all pretty confusing. Was he a streetwise city kid, or was that just role-play? Should he be reading Ayn Rand or Richard Wright? Dating white girls was tricky. He forged a complex identity.

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Saturday 29 November 2014
Adarsh Matham, New Indian Express (Chennai)

To understand Uber is to look at the world through the eyes of a teenager who has just discovered Ayn Rand. The CEO of the company Travis Kalanick is a self-confessed fan of the psychopathic ideas of Ayn Rand and tries to run his company according to those principles which basically involves doing literally anything if it makes you more money. Morals, ethics and lives be damned.

Posted over 3 years ago Publication date: 29 Nov 2014
Subhamoy Bhatta, Assamtimes.org

Bharat Baro, President, ABSU, Betbari, said, “The forest is of utmost importance for the well-being of the planet. Russian-American novelist Ayn Rand had said that the difference between animals and humans is that animals change themselves for the environment, but humans change the environment for themselves.“ He added that humans will have to adjust and change for the well-being of Mother Earth and such awareness programmes help in changing the mindset of the forest dependent villagers.

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Friday 28 November 2014
Glenn Reynolds, Instapundit

…I’ve been reading Nathan Lowell’s Solar Clipper books — here’s the first one — and they’re kind of unusual because, by the standard of science fiction not much happens. No alien attacks, no space pirates, just running a ship and trading. But they’re still interesting and good! And while Lowell’s style isn’t much like Ayn Rand’s — more like a Heinlein junior — this passage from Captain’s Share is pretty pro-commerce

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