Wednesday 01 October 2014
Laurie Rice, Foundation for Economic Education

Ayn Rand’s monograph “Textbook of Americanism,” newly published on FEE.org, is virtually unknown. Written during a decisive turning point in history, it was delivered by Rand personally to FEE’s founder Leonard Read in 1946. The monograph represents Rand’s desire to draw stark lines between an emerging postwar collectivism and the individualism she believed built America. She joined others in pointing out that collectivism had wrought the horrors the world had just endured.

Posted about 4 years ago Publication date: 02 Oct 2014
Lauren Daley, Huffington Post

On his Sept. 28 show he asked: “Ayn Rand: How is She Still a Thing?” The segment showed a few clips of Rand talking about classic Rand topics – “Why is it good to want others to be happy?” – followed by a clip of the 1949 film adaptation of The Fountainhead, where an angst-filled Howard Roark, (Gary Cooper) erupts: “My work done my way! Nothing else matters to me!”
Rand’s heroes, as the voiceover says, complain about how no one appreciates their true genius, adding: “And if that reminds you of anyone, it’s probably someone like this.”

Insert clip of a whining girl on My Super Sweet Sixteen.

Posted about 4 years ago Publication date: 01 Oct 2014
Nellie Bowles, Re/code

Damania said there’s a tendency to say the suicides were just a fluke or a coincidence, but that they’re actually a fundamental problem with entrepreneurship.

“It’s a symptom of this performance,” he said.

It’s part of an ultra-individualistic, stoic ethos similar to one espoused by philosopher Ayn Rand.

“Founders are the worst,” he said. “There’s a Randian — I must be the John Galt — feeling. You can be as liberated as you want, but there’s a web of connectivity, and they forget.”

Posted about 4 years ago Publication date: 01 Oct 2014
Mat Catastrophe, City Paper (Charelston, SC)

Much is made of Uber founder Travis Kalanick’s supposed love for Ayn Rand and the tenets of libertarianism she espoused. Mr. Kalanick, though, is no libertarian. If he were, he would have created an app that placed the power directly in the hands of the riders and drivers. Instead, he created yet another corporation with a strong, charismatic leader at its head and a public relations department devoted to spitting out enough doublespeak that the consumer is simply unable to make an informed decision. That is not libertarianism, that is American corporatism.

Posted about 4 years ago Publication date: 01 Oct 2014
The Daily Times (Delware County, PA)

It sounds like “Cato” is just regurgitating Ayn Rand’s drivel in their latest Sound Off, which is nothing more than a justification for being greedy. What’s funny is that “Cato” has called in stuff about traditional values too, but these two things don’t go together, because traditional American values would say to help your fellow man out, not be greedy like something out of “Atlas Shrugged.”

Posted about 4 years ago Publication date: 30 Sep 2014
Nicholas C. Arguimbau, thepeoplesvoice.org

…the Republican Party, which as a practical matter is the controlling party today, “is divided between the ‘hope America fails’ Republicans, who appear to actively want joblessness to rise to seek political gain, and the radical Republicans who adore Ayn Rand, like Paul and Ryan, who favor extremist economic policies that would make America fail .” Budowsky…

Posted about 4 years ago Publication date: 30 Sep 2014
Fred McKissack, The Progressive

According to the UNCF, $18.5 million of the grant will go to fund “scholarships at the undergraduate and graduate levels and is focused on how entrepreneurship, economics, and innovation contribute to well-being for individuals, communities, and society.”

In other words, the grant will help nurture more Libertarian, free-market, anti-government, Ayn Rand acolytes.

These scholarship winners will find the doors open to them in the rightwing think tanks and lobbying groups the Kochs also fund. The Kochs are making a smart investment by helping to raise a cadre of libertarians of color.

Posted about 4 years ago Publication date: 30 Sep 2014
Ed Chainey, Contra Costa Times

Why do right-wing pseudo-intellectuals resort to straw-man arguments whenever trying to “explain” Democrats? No, Christopher Andrus, Democrats aren’t dormant Marxists, as portrayed in your Sept. 18 letter. We’re socially responsible, patriotic voters, unlike the Ayn Randian, libertarian nihilists who push unbridled, vulture capitalism.

Posted about 4 years ago Publication date: 30 Sep 2014
WRAL (Raleigh, NC)

On Wednesday, December 3, comedy comes to the MODTriangle Movie Series when architect/blogger/comedian Jody Brown and stand-up comedian Marcie Maier accompany a screening of “The Fountainhead” (location to be announced). This classic 1949 film is based on Ayn Rand’s novel by the same name, which illuminates idealism versus reality in the pursuit of architecture. Starring Gary Cooper and Patricia Neal, the film now displays some humerous and awkward moments, which Brown and Maier will exploit. The event is sponsored by Carrington Electric LLC.

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Tuesday 30 September 2014
Catholic Culture

Congressman Paul Ryan explained how his Catholic faith has influenced his thinking on economic issues, and denied that he is a disciple of Ayn Rand, in an interview with the National Catholic Register. “Everyone in public life has an urban legend and I have mine: Ayn Rand,” said Ryan…

Posted about 4 years ago Publication date: 30 Sep 2014
Ryan Buxton, Huffington Post

On the most recent episode of “Last Week Tonight,” John Oliver asked a simple question: How is Ayn Rand still a thing? And during a HuffPost Live interview on Tuesday, noted Rand devotee Paul Ryan saw part of Oliver’s segment and distanced himself…

Posted about 4 years ago Publication date: 30 Sep 2014
Nilantika Banarjee, Dhaka Tribune

My favourite novel, or rather I call it my bible, is “The fountainhead.” I have been in love with the philosophy it endorses: “Inspite of whatever their future – at the wake of life men seek a noble vision of man’s nature and life’s potential.” Everything we have, everything we are, comes from a single attribute – the function of his reasoning mind.

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