Saturday 04 October 2014
Herbert W. Stupp, City Journal

A “significant portion of the libertarian movement believes in anarchy,” writes Yaron Brook of the Ayn Rand Institute. “Anarchy” here does not mean chaos and Molotov cocktails in the streets; rather, it connotes a political philosophy favoring the absence of government. Brook favors the more moderate approaches of Nobel Prize-winning economists such as Friedrich Hayek and Milton Friedman, who understood the need for limited government.

Posted over 4 years ago Publication date: 04 Oct 2014
David Rooks, Rapid City Journal (SD)

As a freshman at Mount Marty, I lay lounging in the dayroom of Whitby Hall after basketball practice one mild October evening. Soon, Brooklyn’s own hyperkinetic Andrew Bernstein, a senior Philosophy major, came shucking and jiving into the room (it was the 70’s). Bernstein immediately challenged me: “So – whattayagonnabe whenyagrowup? he snarled. I really hadn’t given it much thought. “I don’t know – political science … a lawyer, maybe.” The Jewish hoopster bent over as if punched. After a quick “I’ll be right back,” he flew to his room on the third floor and was back in a minute. No soapbox handy, a little out of breath, A. Bernstein stepped on a chair (I kid thee not.) In one hand he gripped a copy of Ayn Rand’s “Atlas Shrugged…”

Posted over 4 years ago Publication date: 03 Oct 2014
Amelia Urry, Grist

I get it: Oceans are cold and weird and not really relevant to you. You probably look forward to Shark Week, along with the rest of the internet, but how many of the other 51 weeks of the year do you spend thinking about elasmobranchs and their role in ocean health? And, let’s be real, you probably assume people who do are up there with Ayn Rand fans in the ‘taking themselves too seriously’ club. But the fact is that the climate movement that brought more than 300,000 people to New York City last month didn’t get there by talking about parts per million and polar bears…

Posted over 4 years ago Publication date: 03 Oct 2014
Ellis Washington, RenewAmerica

Hobbes analysis of human nature in government as self-interested and self-will predated by several centuries ideas later proposed by Nietzsche in the late 1800s (Will to Power) to Ayn Rand’s Objectivist philosophy of the 1930s-80s which deified selfishness as a virtue, and of modern political groups embracing his “social contract” theory is one of the main pillars of political philosophy.

Posted over 4 years ago Publication date: 04 Oct 2014
Jonathan Jacobs, RI Future

The concept of “winners” versus “losers” is an American ideology to which I do not subscribe. In fact, it originated in western, free-market culture and is the ideology of choice of those who daily ask the question favorited Ayn Rand, “who is John Gault?” The philosophy goes something like: if there are winners, it is because they did whatever was necessary to deserve that status. Likewise, if there are losers, they are equally as responsible for their own failure. I’m a bit surprised that Frymaster, the self-proclaimed “dot-commie,” would adopt such a cowboy-capitalist mentality as pertains to our selection of elected officials.

Posted over 4 years ago Publication date: 03 Oct 2014
Luke Hill, Commonweal - dotCommonweal

Ryan wants to be president someday. His prospects took a real beating in the last election because of his own missteps [remember he and his family “cleaning” already clean pots and pans at the soup kitchen] and being tied inextricably to the quintessential plutocrat Mittens Romney. If he doesn’t change these perceptions of himself by the public, he will never be able to get that Ayn Rand stink off of his clothes.

Posted over 4 years ago Publication date: 04 Oct 2014
Emily Rose DeMarco, Watchdog Wire (Franklin Center for Government & Public Integrity)

…a student who has asked that both he and his school remain anonymous, reported that he was fired from his post as a teaching assistant after he attended an internship with the Ayn Rand Institute. The school reportedly told this student that Rand’s ideology was so vastly different from theirs that they felt he was no longer a suitable candidate to work with their students.

Posted over 4 years ago Publication date: 03 Oct 2014
Evan McMurry, AlterNet

On Last Week Tonight, perhaps to balance out his less-than-friendly main segment on Obama’s drone policies, John Oliver asked a question that has bothered people about Ayn Rand since she first emerged in the middle of the twentieth century: why are people into this dreck?

Rand was the founder of Objectivism, a sub-Nietzschean philosophy that glorified selfishness and denigrated altruism, aggressively detailed in two novels bearing both the weight and prose style of a cement brick. Not surprisingly, this organized atavism never gained serious purchase: during her lifetime she was rejected by everyone from literary critics to philosophy professors to Frank Lloyd Wright, who didn’t appreciate her cribbing protagonist Howard Roark from his biography.

Posted over 4 years ago Publication date: 04 Oct 2014
Friday 03 October 2014
Richard Metzger, Dangerous Minds

Someone far funnier than I am described “adults” infatuated with the Objectivist philosophy of Ayn Rand as being like the geek who discovered OMD in the 8th grade, had his mind blown and subsequently never gave up on the idea that they were the greatest group in the history of recorded music!

Posted over 4 years ago Publication date: 29 Sep 2014
Thomas Paterson, Gold Made Simple News

The last time Alan Greenspan wrote a missive about gold was all the way back in 1966 (when he was dabbling with his Ayn Rand ‘phase’ – shame it didn’t last). Back then he wrote an article titled “Gold and Economic Freedom” – the entire thing is certainly worth a read and can be found here, if for nothing else it shows just how completely a person can sell-out their principals the moment they get a sniff of power.

Posted over 4 years ago Publication date: 03 Oct 2014
Rmuse, PoliticsUSA

For the past three years, House Republicans have passed a Heritage Foundation budget presented by Ayn Rand devotee Paul Ryan that Senate Republicans were livid did not get passed or voted on in the Senate. Of all the calamitous austerity, tax cuts for the rich, tax increases for the poor and middle class, and program cuts in Ryan’s Path to Prosperity budget, none are as valued by Republicans as privatizing Medicare, Medicaid, and soon Social Security.

Posted over 4 years ago Publication date: 02 Oct 2014
Gena Rinckey, Watchdog Wire (Franklin Center for Government & Public Integrity)

The John Galt Dress is made of the highest quality snow white satin, which is this year’s “trend-setting” color and fabric. The dress features a daring plunging neckline signifying that the bride is an entrepreneurial “risk taker.” It flows with a “train” that captures the spirit of capitalism that comes with the corporate image of Taggert Transcontinental Railroad. The back is modestly open, showing the transparency of the bride as she enters into a lifetime of being faithful to one man.

Posted over 4 years ago Publication date: 03 Oct 2014