Tuesday 04 November 2014
Milad Doroudian, Times of Israel - Milad Doroudian (Jerusalem)

Perhaps what is hated even more than the idea of individualism, is its main propagator in the 20th century. Ayn Rand, the Jewish girl that immigrated from the ills of Soviet Russia, to the wealth and opportunity of the United States, had professed a new type of philosophy that placed man and woman, and their rationality, as the center of all moral and ethical bearings. Perhaps, even more interestingly it gave people the confidence to assert themselves with self-esteem as the most important factor in their lives.

Posted over 4 years ago Publication date: 03 Nov 2014

High tech CEOs aren’t particularly known as big givers to charitable causes. Some of this might be perception (Steve Jobs, for instance, gave secretly) but there are plenty of high tech winners who feel that “changing the world” is more than enough.

High tech CEOs also seem more likely than execs in other industries to be fans of Ayn Rand, who rather famously said: “My views on charity are very simple. I do not consider it a major virtue and, above all, I do not consider it a moral duty.”

There are, however, some big (and I mean really big) exceptions to the “high tech CEOs are cheapskates” rule.

Posted over 4 years ago Publication date: 03 Nov 2014
Paul B. Farrell, MarketWatch

…the only two candidates in the only election that counts today and in every other election this century are: Adam Smith, a moral philosopher and father of American capitalism thanks to the publication of his classics on economics, “The Wealth of Nations,” and its companion “The Theory of Moral Sentiments.” Adam Smith’s opponent on the ballot is his archrival, Ayn Rand, author of several 20th century works on capitalism, including “Atlas Shrugged” and “The Fountainhead.”

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Monday 03 November 2014
Steven Nelson, US News & World Report

[Janice Rogers] Brown, meanwhile, is reportedly a fan of writer Ayn Rand, who sharply advocated for individual rights. At a Federalist Society gathering, Brown warned about government overreach: “If we can invoke no ultimate limits on the power of government, a democracy is inevitably transformed into a kleptocracy - a license to steal, a warrant for oppression.”

Posted over 4 years ago Publication date: 03 Nov 2014
Jason Easley, PoliticsUSA

Rep. Ryan (R-WI) is worried that his flimsy Randian economic theories will be blown out of the water as soon as they questioned by Stewart. Sen. Cruz won’t go near Stewart’s show because he is likely…

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…en 1957 la escritora de “La rebelión de Atlas”, Ayn Rand

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Schuyler J. Dievendorf, The Escapist
BioShock   Neutral  

BioShock takes you to the magical city of Rapture, an underwater city that has more than its fair share of secrets. Rapture is the brainchild of Randian magnate Andrew Ryan, you’re Jack and you just want out of this watery mausoleum.

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The Chattanoogan (TN)

Night of January 16 is the only play written by the acclaimed author and philosopher, Rand. It was written a decade before her best selling novel, the Fountainhead, and almost 25 years before her best known work, Atlas Shrugged. On one level, Night of January 16 is the destruction of a brilliant and ruthless man. On a deeper level, it is a dramatic objectification of Ayn Rand’s vision of human strength.

Posted over 4 years ago Publication date: 03 Nov 2014
James Morley, The Conversation

For some reason, I had a preconceived notion that Ayn Rand’s Atlas Shrugged would have a more prominent placement on Hockey and Murdoch’s bookshelves than Thomas Piketty’s “Capital”.

Some semblance of order was returned to the universe when I later read that Hockey and Murdoch were arguing that lower taxes and smaller government are the best ways to address inequality. Ayn Rand could still be proud of these highly talented and successful individuals, despite their heartfelt and possibly religious-motivated concern for the poor.

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The Australian

It’s easy to see women such as Margaret Thatcher and Ayn Rand as role models for women, yet they both championed individuals rather than the collective — a feminist ideal. To reject the feminist label is not throwing in the towel to break down the barriers that women face in the workplace here or challenge the world’s harsh regimes that oppress women and girls.

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Sunday 02 November 2014
Steve Lipsher, Denver Post

The music of the Beatles, the writings of Maya Angelou and “The Great Gatsby” almost are exclusively the domain of Democrats; country crooner George Strait, the political musings of Ben Carson and “Atlas Shrugged” are fancied by Republicans.

Posted over 4 years ago Publication date: 31 Oct 2014
Nick Fraser, The Guardian (London)

Conrad has watched enough US movies to fill more than a lifetime. Lost gems such as The Americanization of Emily (1964), and Giant, the adaptation of Edna Ferber’s novel, are eloquently reclaimed. Immigrants who made remarkable American films, such as the Viennese Billy Wilder and the Parisian Louis Malle, finally get their due. One must be grateful to Conrad for having got through not just the airport blockbusters of James Michener, but also the unreadable doorstop paranoid fantasies of Ayn Rand.

Posted over 4 years ago Publication date: 02 Nov 2014