Tuesday 07 October 2014
Debra Rae, Patriot Post

America’s founding fathers embraced transcendent ideals of law and liberty drawn from the ancient history of Israel, coupled with New Testament doctrine. In short, founders learned from the past – morally, ethically, and religiously. They understood that, whenever evil wins, it is by moral failure of those who compromise basic principles (Ayn Rand). History is replete with examples of entire nations weakened by compromise and moral failure.

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Camel City Dispatch (Winston Salem, NC)
Atheism   Neutral  

Satanism and the Church of Satan is less a religion and more of a parody of Roman Catholicism merged with the philosophies of Ayn Rand, Alistair Crowley, and Anton LeVay’s own twisted sense of humor.

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Priscilla, NewsHounds

In addition to Jesus and Ayn Rand, Fox News worships the USA which is seen as a pristine entity that has never and would never do anything wrong because of its divinely bestowed “exceptionalism.”

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Dave Zirin, The Nation

What is particularly disturbing is the execs who are proudly gushing about this new normal. Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban is one of them. The billionaire with a yacht named after Ayn Rand’s The Fountainhead told Torre and Haberstroh, “I think the smartest thing we do for health from a data perspective is take ongoing assessments and even blood tests so we have a baseline for each individual that we can monitor for any abnormalities. When someone is ill, we know what their numbers should be.”

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Melissa Baldauff, Green Bay Progressive

WisPolitics is reporting that Walker will headline a fundraiser for Grothman’s campaign for Wisconsin’s 6th Congressional district tomorrow in Oshkosh. The event is hosted by Ben Ganther, a millionaire Republican donor who was sued by the City of Oshkosh in 2007 for $328,000 in unpaid taxes and who joined U.S. Senator Ron Johnson in erecting a 20-foot-tall Ayn Rand-inspired statue outside his company’s office as a protest to the Affordable Care Act.

Posted over 4 years ago Publication date: 03 Oct 2014
Eric Freeman, Yahoo! Sports

Desiring the ability to sequence individual genomes is even more dystopian, the sort of circumstance that high school teachers push students to treat as allegory rather than fact. These claims are not driven by a magnanimous desire to help players stay healthy for the good of the franchise. They are the thoughts of a group of people with a tendency to name their pets and yachts after the work of Ayn Rand.

Those of us who don’t agree with such invasive measures can console ourselves by claiming that they misunderstand what makes basketball teams successful.

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Amanda Marcotte, Raw Story

…Tywin is a Randian character, someone who acts purely out of selfish desires for an abstract notion of greatness. But that is a disastrous philosophy when it comes to social cohesion…

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Hunter Baker, The Federalist

Poor Paul Ryan is probably still getting an earful from critics (many of them Christians) about his earlier enthusiasm for Ayn Rand. Somehow, he hadn’t gotten the memo on how disreputable the Russian émigré was and remains. Ryan must have missed “Dirty Dancing,” which has a famous scene in which a spoiled, rich, young man denies his responsibility to a working-class girl he has left pregnant. “Some people count and some don’t,” he says as he brandishes a copy of Rand’s “The Fountainhead.”

Now, if that’s what Rand says, then line her up with Adolf Hitler for history’s all-star firing squad. But is that what she said or intended?

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Fred Clark, Patheos

If Bart had left evangelical Christianity for Randian objectivism, I might break out the sackcloth and ashes, but he describes himself as a humanist. I like humanists. (I suspect God is rather fond of them too.)

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Monday 06 October 2014
Mark Serrels, Kotaku Australia
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I wouldn’t necessarily call that a ‘scary’ game, unless you’re deathly afraid of Randian objectivism (and you probably should be).

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Justin Raimondo, Antiwar.com

…I would do what Ayn Rand advised her readers to do when faced with a contradiction: “Check your premises,” she said. “You will find that one of them is wrong.”

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On Episode 16, last Sunday’s episode, John Oliver discussed Drones, Kansas state budget shortfall, Narendra Modi In New York, and Ayn Rand.

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