Monday 31 August 2015
Walter Hudson, PJ Media
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As a fervent admirer of Ayn Rand, I nonetheless remain flabbergasted by her position on abortion. Rand held to objective reality as the basis upon which knowledge and understanding must be built. She touted the Aristotelian law of identity – “A is A.” A thing is what it is, and cannot be something else. Yet, when addressing abortion, Rand appeared to abandon that law. An unborn child is not a child, she claimed, but a “potential” child leeching off its mother until birth.

Objectivist therapist Michael J. Hurd echoes Rand’s view today. Writing about Ohio’s effort to ban Down syndrome abortions, Hurd argues that parents ought to be able to kill their unborn children to avoid the burden of disability.

Posted Sunday 30 August 2015 20:46:58 Publication date: 30 Aug 2015