Wednesday 20 May 2015
Daniel Greenfield, FrontPage Magazine

This month the left lost its mind over Ayelet Shaked. The daughter of an Iraqi Jewish immigrant, Ayelet Shaked was an infantry instructor who worked for Israel’s elite Golani Brigade and a computer scientist who worked for Texas Instruments. Now she’s a mother of two married to a former fighter pilot.

She’s also Israel’s new Justice Minister.

The New York Times compared her to Michele Bachmann and had her quoting Ayn Rand. The Financial Times compared her to Sarah Palin. So did Italian, Spanish and Norwegian media outlets.

These analogies are not based on anything except the gender and politics of all three women. They are shorthand signals, telling liberal readers to hate Ayelet Shaked just as they hated Palin and Bachmann.

Posted over 3 years ago Publication date: 19 May 2015
Friday 15 August 2014
Daniel Greenfield, FrontPage Magazine

A relevant libertarianism must be a movement of character as it once was. That’s a bigger challenge today than it was during the days of Rose Wilder Lane or Ayn Rand. The trendy libertarianism of the moment is too focused on removing laws and not nearly as conscious of what laws everyone will live by. That…

Posted over 4 years ago Publication date: 15 Aug 2014