Sunday 22 February 2015
David Weigel, Bloomberg
Paul Ryan   Neutral  

[Conservatives] want to accuse Obama of radicalism the way that they once accused undergraduate Saul Alinsky-scholar Hillary Clinton of radicalism; the way that they see the media reading into Paul Ryan’s Ayn Rand-fandom, or the Koch brothers’ patriarch being a member of the John Birch Society. And when they try, they’re accused of othering, and racism.

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Monday 16 February 2015
David Weigel, Bloomberg

This past weekend’s International Students for Liberty Conference took over most of Washington’s largest hotel. I’ve covered most of these gatherings, since they began in 2008, and this wasn’t just the largest. It was the most intra-ideologically diverse. Left-libertarians roamed the halls and partied at a poetry/music showcase. Ayn Rand fans debated with members of Congress. Nigerian pro-democracy activists mingled with an escapee from North Korea.

Posted over 4 years ago Publication date: 16 Feb 2015
Wednesday 05 November 2014
David Weigel, Bloomberg

When West Virginia fell to Representative Shelley Moore Capito, a Senate candidate who had never gone in with the Tea Party, I found a follower of Ayn Rand at the snack table.

“As soon as they win, the splits in the Republican Party are going to widen again,” said Ed Hudgins, the mustachioed director of advocacy at the Randian Atlas Society. “There are voters that they can’t read out to, who are all about business. I like to say that they have the values of a Howard Roark, but they don’t have the politics yet of a John Galt. They’re socially liberal, they look at the GOP, and they see Rick Santorum and Mike Huckabee and say ‘I want nothing to do with that.’”

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Monday 28 July 2014
David Weigel, Slate

Tom Palmer, listed first among the plaintiffs, is the director of the libertarian Cato University program, and a vice president of the Atlas Network.

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Monday 30 June 2014
David Weigel, Slate

…also paid to promote it. .@BobbyJindal my favorite character in Atlas Shrugged is the one who buys sandwich boards to promote his massive owns pic.twitter.com/gnMtUloaZO — Jeb Lund (@Mobute) June 30, 2014…

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