Saturday 14 November 2015
Melvin Davila Martinez, Times of Israel (Jerusalem)

In a recent episode of the Peikoff.com Q&A on Ayn Rand podcast, Yaron Brook, executive director of the Ayn Rand Institute, responded to the question, “What do you think about the immigration crisis…

Posted about 4 years ago Publication date: 14 Nov 2015
Sunday 30 August 2015
Melvin Davila Martinez, Times of Israel (Jerusalem)

It is worth, at this moment, articulating my advocacy of Ayn Rand’s concept of the trader principle, which submits that individuals’ competing interests can be mediated by way of voluntary exchange to mutual (though not necessarily equal, but always still positive) benefit; in other words, voluntary exchanges would lead to resources going to those who value them most through trade, as opposed to coercion leading to forcible redistribution of resources, or influencing and limiting trade and distribution through forcible limitations of voluntary exchanges, such as government fetters on markets by way of financial regulation.

Posted over 4 years ago Publication date: 30 Aug 2015