Friday 06 June 2014
JOHN K. WHITE, Counterpunch

…idea of liberty rests in a shared collective versus the Libertarian-fuelled individual solely in charge of his or her world. It’s Karl Marx versus Ayn Rand in a 10-round, knock-down brawl. Rob Urie especially noted the vitriol directed at Piketty, commenting that “A profoundly misguided and tedious…

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Sunday 02 June 2013

…the selection of Greenspan, a staunch Republican whose close ties to Ayn Rand’s Objectivism were already well known, drew sharp rebukes from politicians across the aisle. One Democratic representative said that “Greenspan is such an ideologue that he will more than likely cave in to ideological pressures.”

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Saturday 01 June 2013
Bryan Appleyard, Sunday Times (London)

[Larry] Page was displaying, as [Eric] Schmidt often does, a sinister impatience with government, which means, in a liberal democracy, with tried and trusted ways of doing things. Politicians, suicidally, are easily seduced by this – Cameron and Osborne are just two examples. In the midst of a US inquiry into Apple’s tax position, Senator Rand Paul tweeted, “Apple has done more to enrich people’s lives than politicians will ever do.” To believe that is to hand over our fate to the big companies and to abuse the very idea of democracy.

Among some members of the Silicon Valley elites, this is all backed up by an adoration of the excremental novelist and infantile philosopher Ayn Rand. She was a virulent despiser of the state, who once had Alan Greenspan under her influence. Astonishingly, she has recently made a comeback and many technocats ascribe their success to following her quasi-fascist, anti-democratic principles.

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Robert Metz and Robert Vaughan, Just Right (CHRW 94.9 FM, U of Western ON, London)

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