Thursday 10 July 2014
Jonathan Chait, New York Magazine

s Paul Ryan an earnest, fiscally responsible wonk looking to make government more efficient, or an Ayn Rand–influenced ideologue determined to stop government from taking rich people’s money? This has been a long-standing debate between people like me and Ryan’s admirers in the political press corps. It is also a question of long-standing debate with Ryan defenders on the center-right like Ross Douthat, who once again defends his faith in Ryan’s hidden, subtextual, implied, or yet to fully emerge pragmatic impulses. Since Douthat likewise takes another opportunity to eye-roll my more direct, text-based reading of Ryan’s ideology (“a Randian Ryan or an apocalyptic Ryan or any other interpretation of his record Chait prefers”), the time seems right to summarize the evidence for my case.

So, here are seven things Paul Ryan has done that suggest Ayn Rand has influenced him…

Posted almost 4 years ago Publication date: 10 Jul 2014
Brian Doherty, Reason

September, the producers of Atlas Shrugged Part III: Who Is John Galt? launched a Kickstarter campaign that ended up raising $446,000 to help fund the final installment of the film adaptation of Ayn Rand’s 1957 novel about a world driven to the brink of collapse by
overweening redistributionist government. The predictable response was cheap jokes from people whose (mis)understanding of Rand only went as far as: “She’s that scary chick who valorizes businessmen and the market.” Detractors assumed that asking people to freely
support something they valued was altruistic and therefore un-Randian.

Posted almost 4 years ago Publication date: 10 Jul 2014
Chikako Uchinami, Digital Journal

You can still turn it around. It’s not too late. You can start to listen to guys like Elon and The Donald, repatriate your manufacturing, re-employ your skilled labor. You can pass laws to make the 19th Hole Bosses read The Great Society and Atlas Shrugged.

Posted almost 4 years ago Publication date: 10 Jul 2014
Wednesday 09 July 2014
P V Subramanyam, Rediff

If you are an investor in India there are many people around you saying ‘How prepared are you for the budget’. If you are a Real Long Time Investor you should listen to Ayn Rand – and just 'shrug’.

Posted almost 4 years ago Publication date: 10 Jul 2014
Naoibh O'Connor, Vancouver Courier

He regards The Fountainhead and Atlas Shrugged author Ayn Rand, a proponent of objectivism — a philosophy that rejects socialism — as one of his principal influences.

Posted almost 4 years ago Publication date: 09 Jul 2014
Dave Kranzler, Wall Street Sector Selector

…for money is men’s protection and the base of a moral existence. Destroyers seize gold and leave to its owners a counterfeit pile of paper.  -  Ayn Rand (“Francisco d’Anconia”),  “Atlas Shrugged.” By Dave Kranzler, Investment Research Dynamics Read more about the bond market: Portuguese bonds …

Posted almost 4 years ago Publication date: 09 Jul 2014
Tuesday 08 July 2014
Jennifer Harper, Washington Times

Concerned parents… might want to consult a few of [Young America’s Foundation’s] recommendations for the young and restless. Among helpful titles, they say: “Free to Choose” by Milton Friedman, “Atlas Shrugged” by Ayn Rand, “The Road to Serfdom” by Friedrich von Hayek, “I Am Charlotte Simmons” by Tom Wolfe, “Scratch Beginnings: Me, $25, and the Search for the American Dream” by Adam Shepard; “Chinese Girl in the Ghetto” by Ying Ma, and “Liberty and Tyranny” by Mark Levin.

Posted almost 4 years ago Publication date: 06 Jul 2014
Times of India

Deva Katta came heavily on movie reviewers the other night. The director, apparently tweeted a question in the midnight on his micro blogging site. ‘I wonder why so many people are still reading and analyzing “Atlas Shrugged” (A book written by Ayn Rand) after all the following verdicts when it was published’, he said, giving reviews of various magazines and critics at that time.

Of course, everyone rubbished off Atlas Shrugged. Some called it as a novel written out of hate and Time magazine asked if it is a novel or a nightmare. Despite all this huge criticism, this book of Ayn Rand stood out as a classic. Now what point Deva Katta wants to tell by using this example?

Posted almost 4 years ago Publication date: 08 Jul 2014
Monday 07 July 2014
Orlando Delogu, The Forecaster (Portland, ME)

Novelists such as Ayn Rand (“The Fountainhead,” “Atlas Shrugged”) touted laissez-faire capitalism. The morality of individual (and corporate) self-interest – some would say “greed” – was said to be key to the nation’s wealth and economic growth.


The lessons of history seem clear: income/wealth inequality, and the cult of individual and corporate freedom in unregulated markets, does not produce sustained economic growth. Tax cuts do not produce economic growth. There is no “invisible hand” operating for the benefit of the larger society.

Posted almost 4 years ago Publication date: 07 Jul 2014
Sunday 06 July 2014
Tom Johnson, NewsBusters

…legions of 19-year-old frat boys (many of whom later won seats in Congress) who had their own selfishness validated as a profound philosophy by Atlas Shrugged.But culture created to serve ideology is never going to become just the culture, because by serving a political cause it almost inevitably…

Posted almost 4 years ago Publication date: 06 Jul 2014
Saturday 05 July 2014
George Wolf, WNAX

Those pinhead libs in Hollywood are at it again! This time, they’ve got something called Snowpiercer, and are trying to distract us with simmering tension, a smart script and terrific action, but the hidden agenda is clearly just another unwarranted attack on our job creators!

Actually, the agenda is far from hidden, in fact, it might as well be a deadly-aimed snowball right to the face of John Galt.

And it is well done.

Posted almost 4 years ago Publication date: 05 Jul 2014
Friday 04 July 2014
Leslee Kulba, Tribune Papers (Asheville, NC)

In the early pages, I felt as if I was reading Atlas Shrugged without the love scenes. The so-called absurdities of power run-amok were not Rand’s inventions, but merely a fictitious portrayal of history repeating itself.

Posted almost 4 years ago Publication date: 04 Jul 2014