Thursday 06 June 2013
Art Carden, Library of Economics and Liberty - EconLog

…these externalities will be internalized by property and sales tax collections. Something more is at issue here, I think. In his money speech in Atlas Shrugged, Francisco d'Anconia counsels:

Run for your your life from any man who tells you that money is evil. That sentence is the leper’s bell of an approaching looter.

I would add to that claims from “community leaders” about “preserving the character of the community.”

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Tuesday 04 June 2013
Paul Krugman, New York Times - The Conscience of a Liberal

We have a modern GOP in which Paul Ryan is considered a policy wonk, the leading intellectual among elected officials — and he gets his ideas about monetary policy by quoting from Atlas Shrugged.

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Gwen Knapp, Sports On Earth

The collection includes short stories with a science-fiction bent, one about time travel and another on the Fermi Paradox, and an assessment of Ayn Rand’s “Atlas Shrugged,” which as a fan of liberty, [Chris] Kluwe felt compelled to read.

“She drives me crazy,” he said, shaking his head and laughing. “I really felt like she bludgeoned me with words, over and over. And one of the topics in my book is that (with) this idea of John Galt, Ayn Rand got very close to a good idea, but she never included empathy, which is why her characters are soulless automotons who would never function in the real world. John Galt is someone who doesn’t survive in the real world because he doesn’t take into account everybody around him.”

He laughed a lot, whether discussing the inevitable collapse of any society that doesn’t support what he calls “rational empathy” or demonstrating the wave he plans to use as grand marshal at the Twin Cities LGBT Pride parade.

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Monday 03 June 2013
Steve Horn, DeSmogBlog

Steve Milloy, a tobacco industry front man-turned-fossil fuel industry front man, wrote two favorable reviews for Fox News. The Salt Institute and Atlas Society (named after Ayn Rand’s “Atlas Shrugged”) echoed Milloy’s efforts.

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Yahoo Finance

…- June 03, 2013) - What:  Six days of engaging talks, panel discussions, events and entertainment all centered on the ideas of Ayn Rand Where:  The Westin Michigan Avenue Hotel  909 N. Michigan Avenue  Chicago, IL 60611  When:  July 5-11, 2013…

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Saturday 01 June 2013
Shubhangni Gupta, CoolAge

…scores over the storyline, where the ethos and the weight of the characters are carried forward by their ideology and not what they do next. Ayn Rand is one such author. Author of phenomenal books like We the Living, Atlas Shrugged and Anthem, Rand was able to reach heights of literary success…

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