Wednesday 26 December 2018

…it is instructive to reflect on the writings of Ayn Rand, the prophet of capitalism. Rand’s 1957 masterwork, “Atlas Shrugged,” never ceases to am…

Posted 24 days ago Publication date: 21 Jul 2018
Tuesday 25 December 2018

Ayn Rand, Ayn Rand books, Ayn Rand Fountainhead, Rand Atlas Shrugged  TheGlossAyn Rand’s Objectivist philosophy and books like Fountainhead and Atlas Shurgged many people hate, her life in Russia…

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John Galt made coach of Team GB Dragonboat under 24s after success of Bradford festival  Bradford Telegraph and ArgusONE of the driving forces behind Bradford’…

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Monday 24 December 2018
The Hill (Washington, DC)

…not the view of The Hill Despite the popularity of Ayn Rand’s Atlas Shrugged, which tells the tale of greedy politicians left with nothing…

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…story of a libertarian scam  SalonThe theme of Ayn Rand'sAtlas Shrugged, according to Ms. Rand herself, is “what happens to the world when the Prime Movers go on strike.” The prime movers…

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Sunday 23 December 2018

…Idaho bill would require students to read ‘Atlas Shrugged'  Fox NewsIn a symbolic move to teach “personal responsibility,” an Idaho lawmaker wants every high school student in the state to read Ayn Rand’s…

Posted 27 days ago Publication date: 07 Feb 2013
Saturday 22 December 2018
Christian Science Monitor

…years later  Christian Science MonitorWhen Ayn Rand finished writing “Atlas Shrugged” 50 years ago this month, she set off an intellectual shock wave that is still felt today. It’s credited for…

Posted 28 days ago Publication date: 06 Mar 2007
Hollywood Reporter

…Netflix, Relativity Sued Over ‘Atlas Shrugged’ Distribution Deal  Hollywood ReporterThe lawsuit claims the distributors failed to pay a $1.5 million license fee to release the film on home…

Posted 28 days ago Publication date: 30 May 2012
Friday 21 December 2018
Rexburg Standard Journal (ID) - Matt Eichner

…Angry at ‘Atlas Shrugged’ | Movie Reviews  Rexburg Standard JournalHave you ever experienced a sudden urge to angrily shout at a movie screen? I hadn’t, at least not until…

Posted 29 days ago Publication date: 18 Sep 2017
San Francisco Chronicle

…mate. Since his teens, Ryan has been a big fan of Ayn Rand’s “Atlas Shrugged.” In 2005, he told the Atlas…

Posted 29 days ago Publication date: 27 Aug 2012
Huffington Post

Atlas Shrugged’ Movie, Adaptation Of Ayn Rand Book, Has First Trailer Released (VIDEO)  Huffington PostWill theatergoers go Galt when this film comes out? Published in 1957, “Atlas Shrugged

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…Peer inside the psyche of Atlas Shrugged fans at the website of the film series’ “Collective”  A.V. ClubWe here at The A.V Club are perversely fascinated by GaltsGulchOnline, the official…

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