Wednesday 02 January 2019

…in Israel  New IdealQ&A with Boaz Arad, from the Ayn Rand Center Israel, about his activism to end military conscription in Israel…

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Thursday 31 May 2018

…Atlas Award event was held in cooperation with the Ayn Rand Center, The Marker and such leading partners as, BDI, IVC, Bank Hapoalim and Israel Aerospace Industries. The prize is awarded to those Israeli…

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Sunday 08 October 2017
Tribune-Review (Pittsburgh)

…As wrote Thomas A. Bowden of The Ayn Rand Center for Individual Rights, “Thus, the deeper meaning of Columbus Day is to celebrate the rational core of Western civilization, which…

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Saturday 07 October 2017
Ha'aretz (Israel)

…canceled, social activists – including from the Ayn Rand Center and the Israel Freedom Movement – were able to organize an alternative science festival with the slogan “Science will…

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Sunday 12 June 2016
Charles Elmore, Palm Beach Post (FL)

…one man’s gouging is another man’s free market in action.

“There is no such thing as price-gouging, period,” said Alex Epstein, an analyst for the Ayn Rand Center for Individual Rights, a Washington-based espouser of free-market policies. “Price-gouging laws should not be allowed, period. The last thing we should want in a crisis is for people to be afraid to produce gas or sell it at a market price.”

Freezing prices only discourages producers from providing more of a product to areas that need it, he told the Palm Beach Post in 2009. Higher prices attract more supply, which tends to stabilize prices in due course, he said.

But try giving that lecture in how markets work to people reeling from a storm.

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Saturday 05 March 2016
Itai Vardi, DeSmogBlog

Last July, the Israeli parliament’s Committee on Economics held several key deliberations ahead of a looming final government decision over the gas deal with Houston-based Noble Energy and its minority Israeli partners. One of those who testified in person at the hearings was Boaz Arad, who presented himself as “Director of the Ayn Rand Center Israel.” Arad, who works in computer products marketing, berated those who opposed the gas deal, denounced the very idea of a “common resource,” and urged the government to make concessions to the multinational consortium.

But attendees at the hearing probably did not realize that Arad is not a disinterested expert on matters concerning fossil fuel use.

Ayn Rand Center Israel’s (ARCI) website reveals that it is an offspring of the Ayn Rand Institute (ARI), the American organization dedicated to spreading the works of libertarian philosopher and right-wing ideologue, Ayn Rand.

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Sunday 10 May 2015
Sharona Schwartz, TheBlaze

“How do we take a country that’s so collectivistic in its core and … how do you turn it into an individualistic country that respects its Jewishness but at the end of the day the individual is sacred and the individual is the supreme value?” asked Yaron Brook, president and executive director of the Ayn Rand Institute who traveled from the U.S. to Israel for the conference that was organized jointly by the Israeli Freedom Movement and Israel’s Ayn Rand Center.

Many of those who came said they look to the U.S. for inspiration and hope they can be of support to their ideological allies across the ocean…

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Monday 20 April 2015
Sharona Schwartz, TheBlaze

…under the new law’s dictates, any new book that’s been on the shelf 18 months or less may not be discounted. …

Boaz Arad, the head of the Ayn Rand Center’s Israel branch, said multiple reports issued before the law was passed – including one penned by a government agency – concluded that the book market was working just fine.

“It was unnecessary and only caused damage,” he told TheBlaze Monday, adding that the law should be abolished.

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Thursday 30 October 2014
Pat Myers, Washington Post

…this contest for fundraising ideas proved harder than we’d expected. Perhaps it was because its inspiration, the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge — either donate to the cause or pour a bucket of freezing water over your head — was so odd itself. … The Ayn Rand Center: Dump a bucket of ice over someone else’s head. (Frank Osen)

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Saturday 13 September 2014
TLV1 - So Much to Say

Boaz Arad, director of the Ayn Rand Center in Israel, co-founder of the New Liberal Movement, and a member of the Movement for a Professional Army, outlines the financial, social and operational benefits of a professional army.

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Friday 07 June 2013

…Jun 03, 2013 (Marketwired via COMTEX) – What: Six days of engaging talks, panel discussions, events and entertainment all centered on the ideas of Ayn Rand Where: The Westin Michigan Avenue Hotel 909 N. Michigan…

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