Tuesday 31 July 2018
PC Gamer Magazine

…and flamethrowers in PC gamingPC GamerIn this Randian dystopia, the Left is on fire! I also think BioShock does perhaps the best job of letting us live our deepest, truest arson fantasies. Just snap your…

Posted 17 days ago Publication date: 31 Jul 2018
PC Gamer Magazine

…thing falls into the bin by the time you fight an Ayn Rand book cover and then sit through a Hallmark commercial or a vague nuclear threat, but still. This is a reinstall, but only in the most technical…

Posted 17 days ago Publication date: 31 Jul 2018
Saturday 28 July 2018

…by Andrzej Sapkowski and BioShock inspired by Ayn Rand’s The Fountainhead

Posted 20 days ago Publication date: 28 Jul 2018
Tuesday 24 July 2018

…the project invokes memories of BioShock’s Objectivist aestheticism, with Close To The Sun embedding this gilded art design in traditional horror tropes. Powered entirely by the Unreal 4 Engine, the game…

Posted 24 days ago Publication date: 24 Jul 2018
Sunday 22 July 2018

…forced players to take sides in regards to Randian Objectivism, the proceedings of the plot completely undermined this by revealing that the player character’s “choices” were a complete mirage…

Posted 26 days ago Publication date: 22 Jul 2018
Thursday 19 July 2018
Daily Progress (Charlottesville, VA)

…MattersThe Daily ProgressBioShock: inspired by Atlas Shrugged by Ayn Rand — BioShock is loosely based on the many of the principles laid out in this book, where the decisions of a few industrial leaders shake…

Posted 29 days ago Publication date: 19 Jul 2018
Saturday 14 July 2018

…s Jewish Roots Run DeepKotakuAtlas Shrugged author Ayn Rand’s life story and Jewish identity were obvious influences on Andrew Ryan’s in BioShock. Rand was an Eastern European Jew whose family’s business…

Posted about 1 month ago Publication date: 10 Jul 2018
Kotaku Australia

…Scratch beneath the surface of Rapture’s Ayn Rand-inspired Objectivist dystopia, and you’ll find that BioShock’s Jewish roots run deep. Look beyond ethnic names like Sander Cohen, J.S. Steinman…

Posted about 1 month ago Publication date: 10 Jul 2018
Tuesday 10 April 2018

…ReviewTheXboxHub (blog)Going into detail about objectivism for the first two Rapture games, the book throws some hefty theorems and opinions at you, but all are backed up and explained thoroughly. Each…

Posted 4 months ago Publication date: 10 Apr 2018
Friday 06 April 2018

…charismatic performance of Armin Shimerman as the Randian super-objectivist Andrew Ryan as he wrestles total control from the hands of the player in a brief, memorable moment. Jacob…

Posted 4 months ago Publication date: 06 Apr 2018
Thursday 15 March 2018
The Wrap

…across an underwater metropolis governed by Ayn Randian philosophies, only for things to turn bloody when residents become addicted to…

Posted 5 months ago Publication date: 15 Mar 2018
Thursday 15 February 2018
Altruism   BioShock  

…offers ludic freedom to choose between altruism/objectivism, but by denying the player the choice of choosing between Atlas/Ryan, narrative freedom is…

Posted 6 months ago Publication date: 15 Feb 2018