Wednesday 15 August 2018

…dinner Jonathan told me his favorite book was The Fountainhead. A core tenet of its author Ayn Rand, a staunch capitalist whom my parents admire, is that value is determined by the marketplace. Context matters. “…

Posted 1 day ago Publication date: 15 Aug 2018
Sunday 12 August 2018
The Keene Sentinel (NH)

…that Donald Trump, like his father, Fred, admires Ayn Rand’s novels for their deification of unfettered capitalism. Likewise, she cites lawyer Roy Cohn’s influence on young Trump. The former McCarthyite…

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Monday 06 August 2018
Communities Digital News

…Grandma Mercier, Leonard Peikoff, Dinesh D'Souza: Death of a Nation?Communities Digital NewsRight, Left, Capitalist, Socialist, Democrat, Republican, globalist, Objectivist

Posted 10 days ago Publication date: 07 Aug 2018
Steamboat Today (Steamboat Springs, CO)

…cultureSteamboat Pilot and TodayWhy has the book “Atlas Shrugged” by Ayn Rand converted more people to the ideas of liberty than all the policy papers put out by free-market think tanks put together? Because it…

Posted 11 days ago Publication date: 06 Aug 2018
The Federalist

…anti-Enlightenment philosophy with this potshot at Ayn Rand: “Though she later tried to conceal it, Ayn Rand’s celebration of selfishness, her deification of the heroic capitalist, and her…

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Sunday 05 August 2018

…other than those that would would agree with Ayn Rand’s Objectivism and an artificially constructed concept of an enforced free market. And so, bound up by…

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Friday 03 August 2018
Wall Street Journal

…Journal The Way We Read NowWall Street Journal“Atlas Shrugged” is a sermon on individualism and capitalism, just as “The Handmaid’s Tale” is a sermon on feminism and patriarchy. “The Catcher in the Rye” and…

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…Quartz There’s now a kids’ version of “Atlas Shrugged” for your libertarian third graderQuartzIf you feel fiction for middle schoolers is altogether lacking in its celebration of free-market…

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Friday 27 July 2018

…Contrepoints « La Grève » d'Ayn Rand : éloge de la moralité du capitalisme …ContrepointsSi l'œuvre de Rand ne connaît pas dans l'hexagone le succès qu'elle connaît ailleurs, c'est…

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Thursday 26 July 2018

…unlike a first-time novelist finding a publisher. Ayn Rand received numerous rejection letters before she found a publisher for “The Fountainhead.” As one…

Posted 22 days ago Publication date: 26 Jul 2018

…L'Opinion «La Grève» d'Ayn Rand: éloge de la moralité du système capitalisteL'OpinionTrente-cinq ans après sa mort, Ayn Rand continue d'enflammer les esprits. Cette connotation…

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Monday 23 July 2018

…it is instructive to reflect on the writings of Ayn Rand, the prophet of capitalism. Rand’s 1957 masterwork, “Atlas Shrugged,” never ceases to am…

Posted 25 days ago Publication date: 23 Jul 2018