Thursday 13 December 2018
The New Yorker

…America!: Ayn Rand’s Fall Fashion Advice  The New YorkerAli Fitzgerald humorously illustrates fall fashion from the capitalist icon Ayn Rand

Posted about 22 hours ago Publication date: 27 Sep 2018
Monday 10 December 2018

…investor Mark Cuban has long been a vocal fan of Ayn Rand, author of “The Fountainhead” and “Atlas Shrugged

Posted 4 days ago Publication date: 10 Dec 2018
Sunday 09 December 2018

…Star In ‘Godfather’ Producer’s TV Version of ‘Atlas Shrugged’?  Indie WireThe seemingly unadaptable “Atlas Shrugged” (1957), Ayn Rand’s 1,200-page paean to unfettered American capitalism, has another suitor…

Posted 5 days ago Publication date: 02 Nov 2015
Wednesday 05 December 2018

…RepublicObjectivism is a philosophy that author Ayn Rand outlines in her books “Atlas Shrugged” and “The Fountainhead”. To begin with, objectivism is an extreme Laissez-faire capitalist belief with…

Posted 9 days ago Publication date: 05 Dec 2018
Foreign Policy

…the United States may be down, but an interest in Ayn Rand certainly is not. Sales of Rand’s last novel, the vigorously pro-capitalism fable…

Posted 10 days ago Publication date: 15 Oct 2009

…Would Ayn Rand Approve Of Rule By A Rich And Powerful Capitalist?  ValueWalkAs we get closer to the full swing of the general election cycle, those sympathetic…

Posted 10 days ago Publication date: 22 Jul 2016
Don't Let It Go Unheard

…Yaron Brook Show: Radical Capitalist & Living Objectivism Online Radio by The Yaron Brook Show  BlogTalkRadioThe Yaron Brook Show offers a discussion of Ayn Rand’s radical, fundamental principles of freedom…

Posted 10 days ago Publication date: 20 Dec 2014
Tuesday 04 December 2018
Washington City Paper (DC)

…Internal Affairs: How Ayn Rand Followers Rationalize “Welcomed” Rape  Washington City PaperAtlas Shrugged The recession has been good to Ayn Rand. And why shouldn’t it be…

Posted 10 days ago Publication date: 10 Mar 2010

…An Elegant Evening with Ayn Rand’s Free Market Revolutionaries  VICEThis post originally appeared on VICE UK. ​On Tuesday night I went to London’s Hay Hill Gallery for what is…

Posted 10 days ago Publication date: 06 Nov 2014
Sunday 02 December 2018

…of Milton Friedman and the moral philosophy of Ayn Rand. China is a communist nation only in the sense that the …and more…

Posted 13 days ago Publication date: 02 Dec 2018
Friday 30 November 2018
Fair Observer

…and self-reliance that would have impressed Ayn Rand, Ma became the richest man in China. He pioneered the growth of the internet in China without the slightest notion of coding. But unlike Ayn…

Posted 14 days ago Publication date: 30 Nov 2018
Thursday 29 November 2018

…SpinoffAyn Rand’s novels are pure Nietzsche: The Fountainhead argues that creative artists exist outside any moral framework; in Atlas Shrugged the supermen have transformed into heroes of capitalism. Through…

Posted 15 days ago Publication date: 30 Nov 2018