Thursday 24 January 2019
Denver Post

…PostLately I’ve encountered the phrase “going Galt,” which derives from the novel “Atlas Shrugged” by Ayn Rand, published in 1957. Before we get to Galt, we…

Posted 4 months ago Publication date: 19 Mar 2009
Saturday 12 January 2019
Christian Science Monitor

…With America on the brink, should you ‘go Galt’ and strike?  Christian Science MonitorIn the face of onslaught, the heroes of Ayn Rand’s 'Atlas Shrugged’ (now in theaters) decided to stop working…

Posted 4 months ago Publication date: 29 Apr 2011
Friday 21 December 2018
Huffington Post

Atlas Shrugged’ Movie, Adaptation Of Ayn Rand Book, Has First Trailer Released (VIDEO)  Huffington PostWill theatergoers go Galt when this film comes out? Published in 1957, “Atlas Shrugged

Posted 5 months ago Publication date: 12 Feb 2011
Tuesday 04 December 2018
New York Times

…Going Galt’: Everyone’s Doing It!  New York Times BlogsShould we, like the hero of “Atlas Shrugged,” cease all productive activity…

Posted 6 months ago Publication date: 06 Mar 2009
Friday 23 March 2018
Boing Boing

…Puerto Rico, where ethnic cleansing precedes Going GaltBoing BoingFor those harboring these Randian secessionist fantasies, Puerto Rico is a much lighter lift. When it comes to taxing and regulating the…

Posted about 1 year ago Publication date: 23 Mar 2018
Saturday 16 December 2017
Boing Boing

…significant barrier to anyone who dreams of Going Galt and declaring themselves to be responsible only to themselves – there is no Ayn Rand novel thick enough to…

Posted over 1 year ago Publication date: 16 Dec 2017
Monday 06 November 2017
Crooks and Liars

…Given the popularity of Ayn Rand within the plutocrat class, I suspect that billionaire Joe Ricketts would describe what he did yesterday as “going Galt”: But here are a couple…

Posted over 1 year ago Publication date: 06 Nov 2017
Friday 31 March 2017
First Things - First Thoughts

…In Ayn Rand’s Atlas Shrugged, characters “go Galt” by disappearing into a valley, Galt’s Gulch, when society proves incompatible with living and working according to the principles of a free economy…

Posted about 2 years ago Publication date: 31 Mar 2017
Thursday 22 December 2016
Hot Air

…Going Galt at AIGHot Air (blog)Now that Congress, Barack Obama, and the media feel thoroughly satisfied in their two-week screechfest over AIG’s retention…

Posted over 2 years ago Publication date: 25 Mar 2009
Thursday 13 October 2016

…Going Galt is a way of breaking free of a system that oppresses men The New Modern Man encourages free men to Go Galt if they believe the current socioeconomic…

Posted over 2 years ago Publication date: 14 Oct 2016
Monday 10 October 2016
Scott Tobias, The Onion A.V. Club

…continues, over the will of the free market, in Atlas Shrugged: Part II—The Strike, the middle installment of an epic six-hour temper tantrum based on Ayn Rand’s Objectivist novel. Picking up right where the…

Posted over 2 years ago Publication date: 10 Oct 2016
Wednesday 10 August 2016
Sarah K. Burris, Raw Story

…listeners he was “going Gault,” a reference to the Ayn Rand book Atlas Shrugged. In the novel, John Galt leads a revolt of elite business owners who turn their backs on civilization to build their own…

Posted almost 3 years ago Publication date: 10 Aug 2016