Sunday 12 June 2016
Rajat Tripathi, BollywoodLife.com
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In one of her snaps, there is a pile of books. Amongst the books are big names like The Vision of Elena Silves, Ideal by Ayn Rand, Mothering Sunday by Graham Swift, Present Laughter by Malcolm Bradbury. Ohkayy! We are so impressed.

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Tuesday 07 June 2016
Aakriti Anand, Filmfare
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Sonam Kapoor celebrates her 31st birthday on June 9th and it looks like the actress is already in a celebratory zone. Sharing a picture on Instagram, Sonam showed off her rather literary gift from her godfather, Khalid Mohamed, which contains an array of books ranging from Saadat Hasan Manto to Ayn Rand.

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Sunday 10 April 2016

…recommendations: Ideal, a novel turned play by Ayn Rand which has only recently been published; Go Set A Watchman by Harper Lee (worth reading to contrast with To Kill a Mockingbird), and, of course…

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Saturday 19 December 2015
Jaya Bhattacharji Rose, The Hindu (India)
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With this mish-mash of emerging “trends” in international publishing, it is not surprising for firms to ensure a reliable stream of income by publishing manuscripts of dependable storytellers. For instance Wind and Pinball, the early novellas of Haurki Murakami, Ideal: the novel and the play by Ayn Rand

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Sunday 27 September 2015
Yankton Daily Press & Dakotan (SD)
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…Ideal by Ayn Rand

Posted about 4 years ago Publication date: 06 Aug 2015
Peter Sagal, Wait Wait...Don't Tell Me! (NPR)
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SAGAL: In a mostly negative review for a newly unearthed book by Ayn Rand, The New York Times did praise the novel for being blank. [ROY BLOUNT JR.]: Short. SAGAL: Yes.

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Friday 28 August 2015
Welland Tribune (ON)
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Ideal was written in 1934 as a novel, but Ayn Rand thought the theme of the piece would be better appreciated as a play and she left it unpublished until this summer. It is the story of beautiful but tormented actress Kay Gonda. Accused of murder, she is on the run and turns for help to six fans who have written letters to her, each telling her that she represents their ideal. For the first time both versions of Ideal are available in one book, giving the reader the chance to discover the imaginative process of Rand as she wrote first a book, then a play, and the variances between the two.

Posted about 4 years ago Publication date: 28 Aug 2015
Trisha Gupta, LiveMint.com

The idea that there is something ineffably great about a few people, that they are meant to be worshipped by the many, wasn’t exactly original—think of Friedrich Nietzsche’s ideas of the death of God, and the Übermensch. What seems pernicious about Rand’s version of heroic individualism is her implication that everyone outside this minority is weak, valueless and hypocritical. And consequently, can be sacrificed.

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Saturday 22 August 2015
Matt Levine, Bloomberg View
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Ayn Rand Wrote A 135-Page Novel.

Posted about 4 years ago Publication date: 02 Jul 2015
Aparna Singh, India Today

…Fountainhead author Ayn Rand’s novel and play Ideal has also been published for the first time in 75 years.

Posted about 4 years ago Publication date: 22 Jul 2015
Thursday 20 August 2015
Cheryl Tristam, FlagerLive (Palm Coast, FL)
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…it looks like the Watchman craze for lost episodes is rippling yet again: a couple of weeks back it was a Shirley Jackson collection of shreds her publisher discovered. Last week it was a lost one from, heaven help us, Ayn Rand. The brevity of the book (at 246 pages) would suggest that it could not possibly be a Rand production. A lost chapter, maybe. But a whole novel? “Kay Gonda,” the Times reviewer Michiko Kakutani tells us of the central character, “is one of Rand’s Nietzschean protagonists — an über-frau who has fans, not friends, and who thinks that she towers above all the losers and “second-handers” who populate the world.” Now the picture is clearer. It’s Donald Trump in drag, and in hard covers. Pass.

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Friday 14 August 2015

According to a recent New York Times review, the novel is just another “illustration of Rand’s embrace of selfishness and elitism and her contempt for ordinary people.”

In all fairness, Rand did know the novel was a bad one. It is rumoured Rand reworked it for stage because the novel was unsatisfactory. If there’s any silver lining of the release of what many are saying is a sub-par novel, it’s that maybe it’s further proof the Fox News prototype isn’t deserving of much of her praise as a writer.

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