Monday 23 May 2016

…Cuban has long identified as a political independent. He has contributed to members of both parties. He is socially liberal and open to progressive taxation, and yet he sings the praises of Objectivist icon Ayn Rand.

Posted about 3 years ago Publication date: 23 May 2016
Sunday 22 May 2016
Melissa Cronin, Gawker

…now, there’s a new billionaire with political ambitions: Mark Cuban, the billionaire Dallas Mavericks owner, Ayn Rand fanboy, and “Shark Tank” judge.

Posted about 3 years ago Publication date: 22 May 2016
Friday 20 May 2016
Josh MacDonald, The Inquisitr

Cuban is coy about discussing abortion, but he maintains that it isn’t the government’s place to dictate personal morality. He is for legalizing marijuana. He likes Obamacare in principle, and he thinks equal pay shouldn’t be legislated. Ayn Rand’s The Fountainhead is one of Cuban’s favourite books, and he thinks there should be a limit on federal government guarantees of student loans.

Posted about 3 years ago Publication date: 21 May 2016
Sunday 27 March 2016

Ayn Rand? Ann Rand? On Rond? Well, in any case, well-known businessman and personality Mark Cuban’s favorite book is about a misunderstood visionary who blows things up when he doesn’t get his way… because it makes him jittery and motivated.

Posted about 3 years ago Publication date: 27 Mar 2016
Wednesday 23 March 2016
Tamara Pupic, ArabianBusiness.com

Marc Cuban believes that “The Fountainhead” by Ayn Rand “sums up the entrepreneurial passion and spirit” better than any other book.

Posted over 3 years ago Publication date: 23 Mar 2016
Friday 29 January 2016

The No. 2 retweeted tweet came from entrepreneur and Ayn Rand enthusiast Mark Cuban, who seemed to think some alcohol was in order.

I propose we do a debate where every candidate has to do a shot of liquor before every question. That’s the only way to get real answers

— Mark Cuban (@mcuban) January 29, 2016

Posted over 3 years ago Publication date: 29 Jan 2016
Thursday 21 January 2016
Jenna Goudreau, Business Insider

The Fountainhead” by Ayn Rand

Self-made billionaire Mark Cuban tells Business Insider that this book is required reading for every entrepreneur.

It’s also a favorite of Charlie O’Donnell, a partner at Brooklyn Bridge Ventures. He says, “I don’t know any book that sums up the entrepreneurial passion and spirit better than ‘The Fountainhead‘ by Ayn Rand: ‘The question isn’t who is going to let me; it’s who is going to stop me.’”

Posted over 3 years ago Publication date: 21 Jan 2016
Sunday 27 September 2015
Gestión (Lima)

The Fountainhead (El manantial) de Ayn Rand.

De acuerdo con el inversor multimillonario Mark Cuban, esta novela un tanto controversial de Rand es de lectura obligatoria para todos los empresarios.

Uno de sus temas principales es la tensión entre el individualismo y el colectivismo: un joven arquitecto se niega a someterse a la tradición, a pesar de que significa que va a sacrificar la fama y la riqueza.

Posted over 3 years ago Publication date: 04 Aug 2015
Monday 14 September 2015
Stephen Young, Dallas Observer

Cuban’s still on the list though, because of his recently highlighted fascinations with libertarian frat-boy favorite Ayn Rand and the logical consequence of a society in which she is revered: Donald Trump.

In November, Cuban went on a multi-tweet rant comparing the push for net-neutrality — a policy that requires Internet service providers to treat all traffic equally — to something out of a Rand novel. Wanting net neutrality, Cuban argued, wasn’t about securing equal access to a public utility, it was about ceding greater control to the government. Just like in Atlas Shrugged.

Posted almost 4 years ago Publication date: 14 Sep 2015
Friday 07 August 2015
Eric Goldschein, SportsGrid

While we’re not exactly sure of Cuban’s political leanings — he voted for Barack Obama in 2008, but admires Ayn Rand; he’s donated to politicians in both parties; he claims to be a libertarian but also likes paying taxes — he’s a smart dude and had some smart things to say.

Posted almost 4 years ago Publication date: 07 Aug 2015
Monday 27 July 2015
Earl Brechlin, Mount Desert Islander (Bar Harbor, ME)

One of the world’s most opulent yachts, Fountainhead, owned by Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban, who is also a star of the television reality series “Shark Tank,” has been anchored off Bar Harbor for the last week.

Cuban, a billionaire several times over, is reportedly a fan of author and philosopher Ayn Rand. It is believed the ship is named after her novel “The Fountainhead.”

Fountainhead is a sister ship to the Oracle founder Larry Ellison’s super yacht Mushashi.

Posted almost 4 years ago Publication date: 27 Jul 2015
Tuesday 21 July 2015
Marissa Payne, Washington Post

Cuban, who fancies himself a devotee of libertarian icon Ayn Rand, has long been critical of Trump and vice versa. In 2012, the two got into a heated Twitter argument about money.

Posted almost 4 years ago Publication date: 21 Jul 2015