Tuesday 21 October 2014
Jeff Deist, Mises Daily (Ludwig von Mises Institute)

DG: Oh yes, well I knew Joey very well. She was very protective of Murray. They had met when they were both at Columbia. She was very, very smart, very well read. She knew American history very well.

JD: And of course, she was protective of him and then he ultimately found himself in hot water with the Ayn Rand circle over the fact that Joey was not rational enough for them in the sense that she was religious.

DG: Oh yes, yes. I remember she told me that one of the things they wanted her to do, they didn’t want him to divorce her right away because she was religious, but they wanted her to listen to their stuff and they thought if she did, then she would convert to their views.

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Friday 17 October 2014
Alex Bertsch, Dakota Student (U of ND, Grand Forks)

Ayn Rand was an awful human being. That’s just an indisputable fact. However, it seems even to this day there are feeble minded people who still try to preach her message of objectivism, or as I like to call it, being a selfish prick. One group that likes to propagate these ideals of selfish actions that result in the benefit of all of mankind, because of reasons, is the Ayn Rand Institute. The Ayn Rand Institute likes to give out free copies of the mediocre authors “great works” (and that’s a very liberal use of the word great) to help further the message of objectivism by instilling it in the minds of the children of America.

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Thursday 16 October 2014
Charles Murray, The Federalist

[Reprint of a Claremont Review
of Books article from June 2010.] Ayn Rand never dwelt on her Russian childhood, preferring to think of herself as wholly American. Rightly so. The huge truths she apprehended and expressed were as American as apple pie. I suppose hardcore Objectivists will consider what I’m about to say heresy, but hardcore Objectivists are not competent to judge. The novels are what make Ayn Rand important. Better than any other American novelist, she captured the magic of what life in America is supposed to be. The utopia of her novels is not a utopia of greed. It is not a utopia of Nietzschean supermen. It is a utopia of human beings living together in Jeffersonian freedom.

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Saturday 04 October 2014
Evan McMurry, AlterNet

On Last Week Tonight, perhaps to balance out his less-than-friendly main segment on Obama’s drone policies, John Oliver asked a question that has bothered people about Ayn Rand since she first emerged in the middle of the twentieth century: why are people into this dreck?

Rand was the founder of Objectivism, a sub-Nietzschean philosophy that glorified selfishness and denigrated altruism, aggressively detailed in two novels bearing both the weight and prose style of a cement brick. Not surprisingly, this organized atavism never gained serious purchase: during her lifetime she was rejected by everyone from literary critics to philosophy professors to Frank Lloyd Wright, who didn’t appreciate her cribbing protagonist Howard Roark from his biography.

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Wednesday 10 September 2014

…to discuss the foundational principles of Objectivism, the philosophy Ayn Rand created, during Atlas Society Week at Unlock Your Wealth Radio. The personal finance radio show, specializing in a unique…

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Friday 22 August 2014
Thomas Swan, FlickSided

…for Shakespeare’s Hamlet. 9. The Passion of Ayn Rand (1999) The film stars Helen Mirren as philosopher and novelist Ayn Rand, who engages in an affair with a psychologist 25 years her junior by…

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Saturday 16 August 2014
Jordan Bimm, Now (Toronto)

…Sky Gilbert’s historical drama focuses on objectivist philosopher and writer Ayn Rand (Soo Garay) and her younger protege, psychologist Nathaniel Branden (Dan LeBerg), as they try to coldly rationalize…

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