Saturday 02 January 2016
John Phipps, AgWeb

John was a fraternity brother whose staggering intelligence threatened my worldview. Before the days of grade inflation, he almost became the first graduate of Rose Polytechnic Institute (real name) with a perfect 4.0. I say almost because while double majoring in math and electrical engineering or physics or some other opaque discipline, he stumbled inconceivably in our required ROTC course, incurring the only blemish on his record for his shoes not shined or something.

Anyhoo, he remains to this day the smartest person I have ever argued Ayn Rand with. He went on to work for the National Security Agency, which makes me wonder about the later career of the Army major who gave him a “B” in ROTC.

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Friday 01 January 2016
Zacchary FR Anderson, SacCityExpress.com (Sacramento)

“Steve Jobs” (Director: Danny Boyle): Steve Jobs the man was a focused and driven individual whose goal was to change the world. Screenwriter Aaron Sorkin and actor Michael Fassbender portray Jobs as an Ayn Rand-like figure whose one true belief was that his way was the only way to stop total annihilation.

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Thursday 31 December 2015
Lew Rockwell, Economic Collapse News

…businessman Lawrence Fertig, later a benefactor of the Mises Institute, was able to persuade NYU, where he was on the board, to allow Mises to be an unpaid, permanent “visiting professor.” Even so, Keynesian deans gave him the worst offices and class hours, and tried to persuade students not to take his courses.

Yet, though in a new country at almost sixty, of whose language he had only a reading and writing knowledge to begin with, Mises was undefeated. He restarted his weekly seminar, attracting such participants as Henry Hazlitt, Ayn Rand, and Murray Rothbard. Important business leaders, journalists, and financiers audited his classes. This drove other professors, said Robert Nozick, wild with envy.

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Raymond Ramcharitar, The Guardian (Port-of-Spain)

…the small number of people who consume these cultural products tend to be the ones who make key decisions for the society. So the works themselves may be absent from public consciousness, but their ideas can be dominant. Ayn Rand’s thousand-page plodder, Atlas Shrugged, won’t be read by the majority of Americans. But that Alan Greenspan and many Republican ideologues read it ensures its ideas live on in American culture.

Posted over 3 years ago Publication date: 29 Dec 2015
Rand Richards Cooper, Commonweal - dotCommonweal

What explains his improbable rise? Many frameworks have been put forward. There’s the anti-political-correctness framework, which is essentially what I argued back in August. There’s the white-male-working-class resentment framework. The Ayn Rand, worship-of-capitalist-titans framework. The triumph-and-travesty-of-entertainment framework.

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Wednesday 30 December 2015
Nigel Andrews, Financial Times (London)

Postmodern wryness is a risky style. It’s through faith as much as reason, sometimes, that we credit Russell with intending a wry swipe at American optimism simultaneously with a loving handshake. You need two hands for that; or one hand faster than light. In some scenes we sense that second wizardry. There is a corporation waiting room, enormous, modernist and Valhalla-shadowed, that resembles an Ayn Rand dream or nightmare. As imagery it is both awesome and lunatic.

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Saturday 19 December 2015
Broadway World

While the images in “Art And Sex” are sure to get your heart racing; there is also a collection of sexual and sometimes funny quotations by a number of notable celebrities, artists and historical figures, such as: Lily Tomlin, Woody Allen, Marilyn Monroe, Mae West, Leonardo Di Vinci, Ayn Rand and many more.

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Friday 18 December 2015
Ed Kilgore, New York Magazine
Paul Ryan   Neutral  

…you have to wonder if the Breitbart folk are alluding to the viral wing-nut rumor that the new Speaker has converted to Islam.

Can you even imagine it? Ryan is having enough trouble juggling the influences of Ayn Rand and St. Thomas Aquinas. Adding Sayyid Qutb to his brain food would probably make his head explode.

Posted almost 4 years ago Publication date: 18 Dec 2015
Chris Roberts, SF Weekly

The city is raising the cost of a pack of smokes by another 40 cents, effective in January, as the San Francisco Examiner reports. The city is able to do this because it’s not a tobacco tax — that’s a state-level thing — but a fee charged to the smoker up-front, for the cost of collecting his or her nasty butts off of the ground.

It’s Ayn Randian, in a way: You only have yourself to blame — for the stinky clothes and the COPD, and how much you pay for the privilege.

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Thursday 17 December 2015
Michael Houdart, Shore News Today (Egg Harbor Township, NJ)

Garrett loved his privacy and he built a cozy detached cellar or “cave” as people used to call it. People said that he lived in a cave on the Tuckahoe River where he had buckets of ink he used for his writings. It was here where he wrote most of his eight books during that period. His book “The Driver” in 1922 tells about a capitalist named Henry Galt who saved a failing railroad. It is said that Ayn Rand borrowed his character and named him John Galt in her 1955 novel “Atlas Shrugged.”

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Wednesday 16 December 2015
News Tribune (Tacoma, WA)

He was a delusional action-hero wannabe who saw himself as a cross between characters from the “Bourne Identity” movies and an Ayn Rand novel.

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You might also intellectualize the encounter by noting how perfectly [Chip] Davis’ intensely libertarian, capitalistic values align with the general ideology of Christmas in America. If you read Davis’ statements about himself and the founding of Mannheim, you’ll find that he’s very invested in the notion of the self-made man, particularly the sort that sees himself as a kind of Randian genius-among-idiots.

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