Saturday 12 January 2019
Daily Beast
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…Sanford, Ron Paul, and Other Politicians Who Love Ayn Rand (Photos)  Daily BeastPaul Ryan isn’t the only politician who idolizes Ayn Rand. The Daily Beast rounds up the most famous…

Posted 7 days ago Publication date: 14 Aug 2012
Huffington Post
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…Paul Ryan Reacts To John Oliver’s Ayn Rand Takedown  Huffington PostOn the most recent episode of “Last Week Tonight,” John Oliver asked a simple question: How is Ayn Rand still a thing…

Posted 8 days ago Publication date: 30 Sep 2014
Thursday 10 January 2019
Wall Street Journal
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…Why Ayn Rand Is So Hard For Politicians Like Paul Ryan and Others to Fully Embrace  Wall Street JournalIn 1960, Senator Barry Goldwater wrote to Ayn Rand to…

Posted 9 days ago Publication date: 13 Aug 2012
Paul Ryan  

…Mitt Romney, Paul Ryan And Ayn Rand: Now That’s the Ticket  ForbesThe nominee at the top of the ticket casts the first two ballots of the election, openly and publicly, and three…

Posted 10 days ago Publication date: 21 Aug 2012
Catholic World Report - CWT Blog
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…Paul Ryan: Faithful Catholic or Ayn Rand disciple?  Catholic World ReportIt’s 2015, which means it’s 2012 all over again, with pundits taking aim at the (take your pick) curious…

Posted 10 days ago Publication date: 12 Aug 2012
Wednesday 09 January 2019
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…Is Paul Ryan for or against Ayn Rand?  CNNPaul Ryan’s interest in the novelist Ayn Rand may put him at odds with the Christian right and the Roman Catholic Church, says Gary Weiss…

Posted 11 days ago Publication date: 14 Aug 2012
Paul Ryan  

…pols who praised Ayn Rand  PoliticoRep. Paul Ryan once credited the philosopher and novelist Ayn Rand as “the reason I got involved in public service,” but this week he…

Posted 11 days ago Publication date: 26 Apr 2012
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…Ryan is Romney’s pick for Vice President and now Ayn Rand’s name is on everyone’s lips. Many on the left are pillorying Ryan as an unrealistic “ideologue…

Posted 11 days ago Publication date: 21 Aug 2012
Thursday 03 January 2019
FT - Alphaville
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…AlphavilleColourful language warning – well, it is Ayn Rand: [Rand] thinks Hayek’s definition of a person’s “own sphere” in which his views are supreme could be…

Posted 17 days ago Publication date: 20 Aug 2012
Wednesday 02 January 2019
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…are 10 things you should know about the lunatic Ayn Rand  AlterNetHere’s a treasure trove of background info on the woman who inspired Romney’s VP pick to go into public office. “The reason I got…

Posted 18 days ago Publication date: 13 Dec 2018
Friday 28 December 2018
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…AlterNetPoor Paul Ryan. The golden boy of the Ayn Rand crowd was once assumed to be a future president, or at least one of the great statesmen of the Republican…

Posted 22 days ago Publication date: 24 Dec 2018
Thursday 27 December 2018
Paul Ryan  

…Don’t believe Paul Ryan’s bogus “apology”: His Randian worldview means he’s no better than Donald Trump  SalonYesterday, the House Speaker apologized for calling America’s impoverished “takers.” But he…

Posted 24 days ago Publication date: 24 Mar 2016