Thursday 10 July 2014
Jonathan Chait, New York Magazine

s Paul Ryan an earnest, fiscally responsible wonk looking to make government more efficient, or an Ayn Rand–influenced ideologue determined to stop government from taking rich people’s money? This has been a long-standing debate between people like me and Ryan’s admirers in the political press corps. It is also a question of long-standing debate with Ryan defenders on the center-right like Ross Douthat, who once again defends his faith in Ryan’s hidden, subtextual, implied, or yet to fully emerge pragmatic impulses. Since Douthat likewise takes another opportunity to eye-roll my more direct, text-based reading of Ryan’s ideology (“a Randian Ryan or an apocalyptic Ryan or any other interpretation of his record Chait prefers”), the time seems right to summarize the evidence for my case.

So, here are seven things Paul Ryan has done that suggest Ayn Rand has influenced him…

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Wednesday 09 July 2014
Ross Douthat, New York Times - Evaluations
Paul Ryan  

…from the point of view of conservative reformers, the Ryan who matters (and yes, like all politicians he contains multitudes) has always been the Ryan who did more than any other Obama-era politician to save the G.O.P. from policy unseriousness (and often tried to do still more), rather than a Randian Ryan or an apocalyptic Ryan or any other interpretation of his record Chait prefers.

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Sunday 06 July 2014
Jonathan Chait, New York Magazine

…of Ryan’s analysis of Obama. In unguarded moments, before his rapid ascent to party thought leader, heannounced, “we are right now living in an Ayn Rand novel” — the inevitable death spiral of collectivism prophesized by Rand that would culminate in a kind of economic end times — while decrying…

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Friday 04 July 2014
Paul Ryan  

Ryan and Rand are certainly interesting figures. Like many people, they have some things in common, and other things not in common. For example, one of the things they have in common is that…neither of them are libertarians.

Ryan identifies as a conservative, and while many libertarians idolize Rand, she did not want her movement of objectivism to be confused with libertarianism, and as best as I can tell she despised every prominent figure of 20th century libertarianism.

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Matthew Boudway, Commonweal - dotCommonweal

Libertarians and libertarianism have been receiving a lot of attention lately. In the current issue of Commonweal, Eduardo Peñalver asks whether Catholics can be libertarians. His answer: It depends—not on what kind of Catholic they are but on what kind of libertarian:

For Ayn Rand and others in the natural-rights tradition, property rights are conceived as virtually absolute in scope, limited only as necessary for the protection of other property rights. For these libertarians, the protection of property rights—the freedom from interference by government—is a moral imperative, irrespective of the outcomes it produces. In contrast, for libertarians whose outlook is based in economics (think Milton Friedman), the commitment to state noninterference in private-property rights rests on empirical—and, at least in theory, testable—claims about how the world works. Maintaining robust private property rights is good, the argument goes, because it leads to the more efficient operation of the economy, which in turn generates greater overall social wealth from which everyone benefits.

In my view, the Ayn Rand, natural-rights libertarianism that Paul Ryan has flirted with is fundamentally incompatible with Catholic teachings on the nature and limits of private ownership.

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Thursday 03 July 2014
Dick Peterson, Brainerd Daily (MN)

…no-accountability indictments of the alleged lazy-poor could be straight out of atheist Ayn Rand’s “rational selfishness” economic philosophy playbook.

Among many Rand promoters we have current U.S. representatives, senators, and at least one Supreme Court justice. During his newsworthy individual filibuster Sen. Ted Cruz read long and loud from Rand’s novel, “Atlas Shrugged.” In this book the Rand oath is, “I swear by my life and my love of it that I will never live for the sake of another man, nor ask another man to live for mine.” It follows from this that such unappreciated self-reliant business-leader “makers” should not help the parasitic-lazy “takers.” An article in “Christianity Today” a few years ago labeled Rand the “Goddess (idolatrous cause) of the great (2008) recession.”

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Wednesday 02 July 2014
Ben Boyce, Sonoma Valley Sun (CA)

The rise of a militant right-wing conservative movement that has adopted large chunks of the libertarian agenda is a sign that the time of political sorting and reckoning is at hand. Avowed libertarian Sen. Rand Paul and Ayn Rand admirer and 2012 vice-presidential candidate Rep. Paul Ryan are the current leading contenders for the 2016 GOP presidential nomination. This is a very live issue.

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Friday 27 June 2014
Berkshire Eagle (Pittsfield, MA)

…Bass’s columns. No more. I began to enjoy Mr. Bass’s column this past Sunday on Mr. Brat’s Virginia’s primary victory until the end when he mentioned Ayn Rand’s “philosophy of ‘Objectivism,’ which has been fascinating to many, especially Catholics.” Especially Catholics?! How many Catholics does Mr….

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Saturday 21 June 2014

…Het gedachtegoed van Ayn Rand komt het best tot zijn recht als het ongenuanceerd de wereld onderverdeeld in helden en slappelingen, wanneer haar denken te zwart-wit wordt om…

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Thursday 19 June 2014
Huffington Post

…- Todd VanDerWerff: “After the first installment made a world-beating $4.6 million and the second an even better $3 million, the producers of the Atlas Shrugged trilogy knew they needed to pull out all the stops to make the third installment, Atlas Shrugged: Who Is John Galt?, a stone-cold guarantee to…

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Tuesday 17 June 2014
Chloe Johnson, Washington Times

…Move over, “Atlas Shrugged.” What its publisher is billing as a “lost novel” by writer and libertarian-objectivist icon Ayn Rand is coming to bookstores next year. “Ideal,” a novella originally penned in 1934, is due to be published by Penguin Random House in July 2015….

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Monday 16 June 2014
Paul Ryan  

…he ignores the needs of constituents in order to further a political agenda, our Congressman has consistently voted for every version of Paul Ryan’s Ayn-Randian Roadmap to Prosperity manifesto. Through his votes, he has endorsed the privatization of Social Security and turning Medicare into a discount…

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