Thursday 12 April 2018
Think Progress

…selfish individualism popularized by novelist Ayn Rand in works like The Fountainhead and Atlas Shrugged. Ryan said as much in a 2005 Atlas Society speech …The Republicans are screwed in the…

Posted 4 months ago Publication date: 12 Apr 2018
Wednesday 21 March 2018

…many Republicans who believe in the philosophy of Ayn Rand, the author of “Atlas Shrugged” and “The Fountainhead.” She believed that selfishness is the greatest virtue – and empathy is an evil that…

Posted 5 months ago Publication date: 22 Mar 2018
Tuesday 13 March 2018
The New Yorker

…with the Help of Marco RubioThe New YorkerPaul’s Randian self-interest found its match about halfway through the video, during a brief interaction with the Florida senator Marco Rubio, who, possibly in an…

Posted 5 months ago Publication date: 13 Mar 2018
Sunday 11 March 2018
Hollywood Reporter

…rebellions formed against dystopias founded on Randian notions of self-interest and superiority, often to the point of trivializing human nature and the workings of social …and more…

Posted 5 months ago Publication date: 11 Mar 2018
Friday 09 March 2018
Corporate Crime Reporter

…much a working title. It’s going to talk about Ayn Rand.” How does Ayn Rand fit in? “The virtue of selfishness. We have no empathy. People in charge believe that there are producers in…

Posted 5 months ago Publication date: 09 Mar 2018
Wednesday 07 March 2018

…Clinton has written about the influence of author Ayn Rand on Trump and his close circle.Rand believes selfishness is a virtue and altruism is an evil that destroys nations.President Trump previously…

Posted 5 months ago Publication date: 07 Mar 2018
Sunday 04 March 2018
Gulf News (Dubai)

…Conscience of a Conservative” and the writings of Ayn Rand. The philosophy of Conservatism, as they defined it, fit my adolescent needs. The world really was all about me. Selfishness was a virtue…

Posted 6 months ago Publication date: 04 Mar 2018
Saturday 03 March 2018
Raw Story

…Raw Story WATCH: Robert Reich rips GOP’s Ayn Rand fetishists for their ‘unbridled selfishness and contempt for the public'Raw StoryFormer Labor Secretary Robert Reich released a new video…

Posted 6 months ago Publication date: 03 Mar 2018
Monday 26 February 2018

…from the Right. You might be familiar with Ayn Rand’s libertarian critique, that Christianity undermines both individual freedom and free economics by undermining what she calls “the virtue of…

Posted 6 months ago Publication date: 26 Feb 2018
Sunday 25 February 2018
Times of Malta

…Fr Joe BorgTimes of MaltaThe American philosopher Ayn Rand has elevated selfishness into a virtue. Her teaching gives the theoretical basis to the political ideology of the American Right. Unfortunately…

Posted 6 months ago Publication date: 25 Feb 2018
Wednesday 21 February 2018

…be because she advocated for a philosophy called Objectivism, which promotes self-interest and capitalism. Many Objectivists maintain that capitalism is the only social system that truly recognizes individual…

Posted 6 months ago Publication date: 21 Feb 2018
Monday 12 February 2018
Wealth Daily

…and laws get changed. We know full well that Ayn Rand’s concept of enlightened self-interest is crock. Corporations will absolutely push for rules to be relaxed so they can have a few years of…

Posted 6 months ago Publication date: 12 Feb 2018