Thursday 31 July 2014
Leah Libresco, Patheos

I prefer people who fight for positive freedom (the freedom to…) than negative freedom (the freedom from…). Like Lydia and Equality 7-2521, negative freedom fighters tend to throw the baby out with the bathwater, rejecting good constraints along with bad ones.

Shame and selflessness are more than words used to force the weak to submit to the strong. Even if Equality 7-2521 and Lydia both live in dystopias, worlds that force them to deny an essential part of themselves, they lose something even more important if they reject what is good in the world they’re leaving.

Posted over 4 years ago Publication date: 31 Jul 2014
Wednesday 30 July 2014
Louis Beckett, Ricochet

This is not “collectivism” as described by Ayn Rand; it does not resemble our instinctive contempt for Marxism. Instead, Tocqueville fears an individualism where people replace a focus on God, neighbors, community life, charity, and the pursuit of a collective political greatness — messy, challenging endeavors — with the glamorization of work and petty material comforts. He warns those of us who would make self-interest the only good: individualism is a vacuum, and that vacuum will be filled with government.

Posted over 4 years ago Publication date: 30 Jul 2014
Monday 28 July 2014
Ed Driscoll, PJ Media

…Is Barack Obama John Galt?”,  John Hinderaker provocatively asked yesterday at Power Line: Now, Barack Obama has decreed that the American Atlas should shrug. Weary…

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Sunday 27 July 2014
Rick Wilson, Charleston Gazette (WV)

…Ryan’s political views seem to owe more to writer Ayn Rand, for whom he has expressed admiration, than to Catholicism. Rand was a Russian émigré and avowed atheist who promoted a “philosophy” she called…

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Saturday 26 July 2014
Elias Isquith, Salon

…previously and repeatedly mentioned his love of Ayn Rand, the crackpot cult-leader and novelist who made it her life’s mission to turn a sociopathic degree of selfishness into a highbrow political…

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Friday 25 July 2014
ZydecoVivo, Teen Ink Magazine

…began to take shape. That is the year that Ayn Rand was born in the USSR. Over the course of her lifetime, she wrote several fiction and nonfiction accounts of her philosophy, objectivism. This…

Posted over 4 years ago Publication date: 25 Jul 2014
Tinatin Japaridze, Huffington Post

Let’s compare the two terms in the words of the great, though undoubtedly controversial (due to her un-Soviet Objectivism), Ayn Rand: “Isolationism is the attitude of a person who is interested only in his own country and is not concerned with the rest of the world.” One of the alleged meanings of “isolationism” is, in fact, “patriotism and national self-interest.” Hmmm….

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Wednesday 23 July 2014
Daniel Wahl, The Objective Standard

…Every so often, people hostile to Ayn Rand’s ideas try to attack them by saying that Rand said or implied something she never said or implied and then attacking that thing she never said…

Posted almost 5 years ago Publication date: 23 Jul 2014
Stephen Campbell, Winfield Daily Courier (KS)

Another author, Ayn Rand, is a Pompeo favorite. Rand is the author of “Atlas Shrugged,” the book that was admittedly Mike’s career and business model. Rand is best known for her idea of “the virtue of selfishness, a lesson well learned.” Pompeo does support big money and success; being a privileged millionaire himself, it is not surprising. Pompeo is rich but not a self-made businessman as he would have you believe. His aerospace company was even started with money from Koch Industries. Pompeo currently makes 10 times the average Winfield income and works part time as an employee of the government that he wants to shrink.

He supports more pollution and wants to kill the Environmental Protection Agency.

Posted almost 5 years ago Publication date: 23 Jul 2014
Paul B. Farrell, MarketWatch

…capitalism’s patron saints, Milton Friedman and Ayn Rand, going back decades. To fully understand this self-destructive lineage, simply focus your laser on the one admission Greenspan made to Congress…

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Tuesday 22 July 2014
Anthony Morris, The Vine

…presumably rather than continuing to drag out Ayn Rand’s salute to selfishness and kicking poor people to the curb, this is going to be a feature length explanation of why this trilogy has been unable to lock in a single actor to play the story’s central character.

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Monday 21 July 2014
C.A. Pinkham, Kitchenette

Such is the callous, terrible legacy of Objectivism, which would be the world’s most laughably inept socio-economic philosophy if not for the horrifying fact that there are people who think it would actually work, many of whom are among the most prominent names in Congress.

Every part of the wealth = worth philosophy is inherently a selfish paean to one’s own pathos, but not just in the obvious ways. The real reason people believe it is that they can’t confront the fact that the game is rigged from the word go.

Posted almost 5 years ago Publication date: 21 Jul 2014