Saturday 19 May 2018
Bleeding Cool News

…in StockBleeding Cool NewsMr. A #24: The legendary objectivist archetype who first appeared in Wally Wood’s Witzend magazine in 1967, Mr. A derives from Ditko’s earlier Charlton comics character The Question. The…

Posted 29 days ago Publication date: 19 May 2018
Wednesday 16 May 2018

…The History of the Question, Part IISteve Ditko’s Objectivist crusader languished for a while after Charlton comics folded. In the 80s, DC Comics… The Nerd Blurb. The…

Posted about 1 month ago Publication date: 03 May 2018
Friday 13 April 2018

…was inspired by the work of Russian author Ayn Rand and her philosophy of objectivism was reflected in both Mr. A and the Question. Though Moore said in an interview with Comic Book Artist, that…

Posted 2 months ago Publication date: 13 Apr 2018
Friday 17 November 2017

…Snyder, who is working on an adaptation of The Fountainhead, take on Steve Ditko’s faceless, Randian conspiracy theorist seems like the perfect match waiting to happen. (Moreover, it’s hard not to want more of…

Posted 7 months ago Publication date: 15 Nov 2017
Friday 27 October 2017

…though, is also well known for being a follower of Objectivism, the philosophy based on the works of Ayn Rand. A big part of it is that people are either all good or all evil. So that led to Ditko having some…

Posted 8 months ago Publication date: 28 Oct 2017
Friday 20 October 2017
Wired Magazine

…By Sexual Harassers?WIREDIt’s Steve Ditko’s weird Randian objectivism metastasizing into Spider-Man, and Dr. Seuss doing anti-Japanese propaganda work during World War II. It’s Roald Dahl, anti-semite. Can…

Posted 8 months ago Publication date: 20 Oct 2017
Monday 28 August 2017

…by his Marvel colleague Steve Ditko, a follower of Ayn Rand. But Kirby himself was formed by groups: the kids’ gangs he grew up with, the Boys Brotherhood…

Posted 10 months ago Publication date: 28 Aug 2017
Monday 07 August 2017

…comUsing Russian-American novelist-philosopher Ayn Rand’s views of objectivism as a focal point, Ditko’s original version of the Question leans towards the right of the political spectrum and…

Posted 10 months ago Publication date: 07 Aug 2017
Saturday 08 July 2017

…any side, and co-plotter/artist Steve Ditko was a Randian who refused to take any side but his own. This is a pretty fundamental paradox for superheroism: lone individuals empower …and more…

Posted 11 months ago Publication date: 08 Jul 2017
Tuesday 04 July 2017
Splice Today

…like Spider-Man, was co-created by libertarian Ayn Rand devotee Steve Ditko). Marvel’s psychedelic period also helps explain those shining gold aliens in the…

Posted 12 months ago Publication date: 04 Jul 2017
Wednesday 14 June 2017

…ideals that echo those of Ayn Rand, an author who Ditko came to admire during his time at Marvel. Thankfully, he sure isn’t! They aren’t even in the same universe. The Answer is a…

Posted about 1 year ago Publication date: 14 Jun 2017
Thursday 06 April 2017
Metro (New York)

…they need to make immediatelyMetro.usCreated by Objectivism-lover Steve Ditko in the late ‘60s, Question was an investigative journalist-turned-crime fighter with a blank mask who saw things in stark black and…

Posted about 1 year ago Publication date: 06 Apr 2017