Saturday 19 May 2018

…Critical Error71 RepublicAyn Rand, the founder of objectivism, extolled the virtues of the free market and individual liberty. Conservatives such as Speaker Paul Ryan and Senator Ted Cruz are on record as…

Posted 2 months ago Publication date: 19 May 2018
Sunday 08 April 2018

…Le Point Quiriny - Ayn Rand, la romancière préférée de Donald Trump et… Angelina Jolie !Le PointErreur : il cite souvent un écrivain, le même, d'ailleurs, qu'une partie…

Posted 3 months ago Publication date: 29 Mar 2018
Wednesday 28 February 2018
USA Today
Ted Cruz  

…leads an escape, like The Great Escape, from the Ayn Rand School for Tots.“ It is interesting that Cruz would pick Maggie’s flight from a daycare meant to instill Rand’s …and more…

Posted 5 months ago Publication date: 28 Feb 2018
Monday 11 September 2017
New Boston Post
Ted Cruz  

…on the U.S Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit. Ayn Rand, who also came from the Soviet Union, became a bestselling author. Parents of Senators Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz fled Communist …and more…

Posted 10 months ago Publication date: 11 Sep 2017
Wednesday 29 March 2017

…Rare.us Sorry Ted Cruz, Christianity and Ayn Rand are incompatibleRare.usThe writer Raj Patel once suggested that there are “two novels that can transform a bookish 14-year-old kid’s life — “The…

Posted over 1 year ago Publication date: 29 Mar 2017
Friday 24 March 2017
Ted Cruz  

…to “rebalance”—rebalance, of course, in their Randian eyes, means privatize or reallocate to another, likely less effective, agency, where “climate …and more…

Posted over 1 year ago Publication date: 24 Mar 2017
Friday 17 February 2017

…Exist Because Of ImmigrantsBustleRepublicans love Ayn Rand! Rand’s espousal of capitalist objectivism has earned her praise from people like Ted Cruz, Rand Paul, and Ron Johnson. Ivanka Trump quoted her…

Posted over 1 year ago Publication date: 16 Feb 2017
Friday 13 January 2017

…Republican politicians and pundits are, in fact, Randian ideologues. Which is how you had the moment in a February primary debate in which Ted Cruz thought he’d scored a point against Donald Trump by…

Posted over 1 year ago Publication date: 13 Jan 2017
Wednesday 14 December 2016

…t particularly care for warmed-over bromides from Ayn Rand’s “Atlas Shrugged.” This downward purity spiral has made it difficult for Republicans to pursue their national policy goals. It has also…

Posted over 1 year ago Publication date: 14 Dec 2016
Tuesday 13 December 2016
Institutional Investor

…economics and individualism popularized by Ayn Rand. Mercer also has long held strong views on the Clintons. “He thought Bill Clinton was a criminal, and I’m sure he still does…

Posted over 1 year ago Publication date: 13 Dec 2016
Monday 12 December 2016

…Veep”), Tony Soprano (for Brady’s seat), John Galt from the novel “Atlas Shrugged,” Buckaroo Banzai and both Day Man and Night Man from “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia…

Posted over 1 year ago Publication date: 12 Dec 2016
Friday 09 December 2016
Matthew Cooper, Newsweek

…a private equity concern that was named after Howard Roark, the protagonist of The Fountainhead, written by Ayn Rand. In the novel, Roark is the heroic architect and builder of a skyscraper who is forever…

Posted over 1 year ago Publication date: 09 Dec 2016