Thursday 21 November 2019
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…US president Donald Trump loves Ayn Rand; her 1943 novel The Fountainhead is one of only three novels he’s ever mentioned liking. Rand is also credited for inspiring many other…

Posted 19 days ago Publication date: 06 Nov 2019
Wednesday 20 November 2019

…Following the success of The Fountainhead, Hal Wallis had Ayn Rand write screenplays for two movies: Love Letters and You Came Along. Love Letters is very different from her bestselling novel…

Posted 20 days ago Publication date: 14 Oct 2019
Thursday 07 November 2019

The Fountainhead: Prometheus Unbound | Adam Lee  Patheos…

Posted about 1 month ago Publication date: 07 Jun 2019
Tuesday 15 October 2019

The Fountainhead: Nature Abhors a Committee | Adam Lee  Patheos…

Posted about 2 months ago Publication date: 23 Mar 2018
Sunday 25 August 2019

The Fountainhead: Life Imitates Art | Adam Lee  PatheosThe Fountainhead, 1949 movie version. A reminder: Commonwealth is coming! Click here for more details…

Posted 4 months ago Publication date: 16 Aug 2019

…who is going to stop me, Russian- American writer Ayn Rand wrote this in her hugely famous novel Fountainhead…

Posted 4 months ago Publication date: 20 Aug 2019

The Fountainhead: A Faithful Adaptation | Adam Lee  PatheosThe Fountainhead bombed at the box office because of, not in spite of, Ayn Rand’s hand on the tiller…

Posted 4 months ago Publication date: 23 Aug 2019

…Mean Girl: Ayn Rand and the Culture of Greed  KPFA - 94.1FMA conversation with Lisa Duggan on how twenty century writer Ayn Rand, who wrote such books as Atlas…

Posted 4 months ago Publication date: 19 Aug 2019
Wednesday 17 July 2019
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…Festival: Invisible Cities outdazzles The Fountainhead, Tree and The Nico Project  Financial TimesVisually inventive adaptation shines; Ivo van Hove takes on Ayn Rand; family secrets explored; Maxine…

Posted 5 months ago Publication date: 17 Jul 2019
Monday 15 July 2019

…How real history shaped ‘The Fountainhead’ — and kept Ayn Rand’s fans coming back  AlterNetFans of Ayn Rand’s The Fountainhead consider the novel timeless, with its themes of individual…

Posted 5 months ago Publication date: 15 Jul 2019
Saturday 13 July 2019
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…How Ayn Rand’s “The Fountainhead” Shows There’s More to Life Than Money | Art Carden  Foundation for Economic EducationThis month in 1943, Ayn Rand’s The Fountainhead was published…

Posted 5 months ago Publication date: 17 May 2019
Friday 12 July 2019

…Staging an adaptation of The FountainheadAyn Rand’s epic tribute to individualism (often used to justify the excesses of capitalism) may be just another controversial development. Howard Roark

Posted 5 months ago Publication date: 12 Jul 2019