Thursday 12 February 2015
Broadway World

Ivo van Hove has been General Director of the Toneelgroep Amsterdam since 2001 where his productions include Mary Stuart, The Fountainhead, Long Day’s Journey into Night, Scenes from a Marriage, The Miser, Husbands, Children of the Sun…

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Wednesday 11 February 2015
Barbara Kay, National Post (Toronto)

…the extended, torrid rape of Dominique by Howard Roark in Ayn Rand’s The Fountainhead augmented rather than diminished Roark’s appeal in readers’ eyes. As for his “victim,” this independent woman is thrilled by Roark’s assault, which she interprets as love but also (this being a political novel) as acknowledgment that she is an intellectually worthy consort for Rand’s ideological god figure.

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Tuesday 10 February 2015
Carrie Severino, National Review Online

One of the Missouri Plan’s original architects was Harold Laski, a famous British Marxist upon whom Ayn Rand based the villain in The Fountainhead. As I have explained … this method of selection was (like other progressive programs) designed to give “experts” — in this case, the left-leaning lawyers who dominate the organized bar — the bulk of the decision rights in the selection process.

Posted over 3 years ago Publication date: 10 Feb 2015
Burt Constable, Daily Herald (Arlington Heights, IL)

It doesn’t qualify as an actual disease, but some suburbanites are willing to build a relationship around a mutual admiration for the Ayn Rand novels “The Fountainhead” and “Atlas Shrugged.”

“I am fit, but very curvy. I’m a laying by the fruitbowl in an Italian painting kind of woman, and quite frankly that is how I like to be,” reads the profile of a 44-year-old Mundelein woman who is looking for a man on TheAtlasphere.com and knows what she wants. There are no “long walks on the beach” or “getting caught in the rain” among her turn-ons.

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Saturday 07 February 2015

Ayn Rand, author, thinker and political lightning rod, would have turned 110 years old this week. More than three decades after her death, she remains one of the most influential defenders of the free market.

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Krystal Ball, MSNBC - The Cycle

The Cycle host Krystal Ball explains that what she took from Ayn Rand’s novels was that idea to “not compromise your integrity on things that matter, fight for them.”

Posted over 3 years ago Publication date: 07 Feb 2015
Allan C. Brownfeld, Communities Digital News

In this book’s pages, we also meet many Hollywood figures who did their best to resist these Communist efforts, among them Ronald Reagan, Allan Ryskind’s father Morrie Ryskind, and Ayn Rand, a Russian emigre who became an ardent anti-Communist because of her experience growing up in the Soviet Union.

The author of “We The Living,” “The Fountainhead,” and “Atlas Shrugged” testified before Congress about the propaganda-soaked movie “Song of Russia,” written by two devout Communists, Richard Collins and Paul Jarrico.

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Friday 06 February 2015
Anne Kadet, Wall Street Journal

The AmazonFresh inventory includes more than 500,000 items. If you want to include a lawn-mower blade or a used copy of “The Fountainhead” with your grocery delivery, you can do that.

Posted over 3 years ago Publication date: 06 Feb 2015
John Hayes, GOV.UK

…at the heart of much modern architecture, like much modern art, is the Nietzschean conception that we can create our own value system. It is not for nothing that the ‘hero’ of Ayn Rand’s despicable book ‘The Fountainhead’ is an architect.

Posted over 3 years ago Publication date: 04 Feb 2015
Bill Toscano, Post-Star (Glens Falls, NY)

1,168: The number of pages in one of the available copies of Ayn Rand’s “The Fountainhead.”

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Thursday 05 February 2015
The Construction Index

In a speech that referenced Don Draper, Howard Roark, JG Ballard and, less surprisingly, Edmund Burke, he called for “a fundamental paradigm shift” in highway engineering. “I don’t believe in gold-plating,” he said.

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Tuesday 03 February 2015
Stav Ziv, Newsweek

Lee’s book will be hitting shelves just as another “new” novel will be published by another revered literary hero, Ayn Rand. In December, New American Library, a branch of the Penguin Books USA, announced that a novel by the late Rand would be published in July. Rand, best known for her philosophical novels The Fountainhead and Atlas Shrugged, first wrote Ideal in 1934 but set the novel aside, writing it as a play instead. More than eight decades after she first wrote it, Ideal will be the first Rand novel published in nearly 60 years.

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