Saturday 11 October 2014
Shaunacy Ferro, Co.Design

[Q:] So you’re not the type of architect who really wants a grand monument?

[A: ] No, I’m not Ayn Rand. I never liked that book. [Laughs]

Posted almost 5 years ago Publication date: 09 Oct 2014
Joe Patrice, Above the Law
Posted almost 5 years ago Publication date: 11 Oct 2014

In a pricelessly sardonic segment, a narrator points out the inherent contradictions in the “Fountainhead” author being held up by the likes of Ted Cruz, Paul Ryan and of course, her namesake Rand Paul, as a conservative hero, not the least of which is her fervent defense of abortion rights and her equally ardent distaste for President Ronald Reagan.

Posted almost 5 years ago Publication date: 11 Oct 2014
Friday 10 October 2014
Robert Tracinski, The Federalist

Conservatives could stand to examine Ayn Rand’s literature a little more closely and less grudgingly and to take her ideas a little more seriously.

Let me start that process by recommending the top five things I think the right can learn from Ayn Rand.

Posted almost 5 years ago Publication date: 10 Oct 2014
Mark Whittington, Las Vegas Review-Journal

…met a journalist of greater integrity. He was Howard Roark in real life. He would and did quit jobs before he would as much as smudge an ethical line—even if all his colleagues thought he was being extreme…

Posted almost 5 years ago Publication date: 10 Oct 2014
Thursday 09 October 2014
Brittany Dingler, The Skidmore News

…sleep that is extremely essential to encoding the names and structures of amino acids or writing the sequel to The Fountainhead. Doing your best to maintain a consistent sleep schedule by getting up at the same time every morning (even on the weekends, if possible) and…

Posted almost 5 years ago Publication date: 09 Oct 2014
John MacKinnon, Edmonton Journal

A lot of pro sports teams take up a lot of space in their home cities, especially when that city has the convivial feel of a small town. But this week has been off the charts for the Oilers.

It’s Brigadoon meets The Fountainhead meets That Championship Season.

Posted almost 5 years ago Publication date: 09 Oct 2014
Tuesday 07 October 2014
Dave Zirin, The Nation

What is particularly disturbing is the execs who are proudly gushing about this new normal. Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban is one of them. The billionaire with a yacht named after Ayn Rand’s The Fountainhead told Torre and Haberstroh, “I think the smartest thing we do for health from a data perspective is take ongoing assessments and even blood tests so we have a baseline for each individual that we can monitor for any abnormalities. When someone is ill, we know what their numbers should be.”

Posted almost 5 years ago Publication date: 07 Oct 2014
Hunter Baker, The Federalist

Poor Paul Ryan is probably still getting an earful from critics (many of them Christians) about his earlier enthusiasm for Ayn Rand. Somehow, he hadn’t gotten the memo on how disreputable the Russian émigré was and remains. Ryan must have missed “Dirty Dancing,” which has a famous scene in which a spoiled, rich, young man denies his responsibility to a working-class girl he has left pregnant. “Some people count and some don’t,” he says as he brandishes a copy of Rand’s “The Fountainhead.”

Now, if that’s what Rand says, then line her up with Adolf Hitler for history’s all-star firing squad. But is that what she said or intended?

Posted almost 5 years ago Publication date: 07 Oct 2014
Saturday 04 October 2014
Evan McMurry, AlterNet

On Last Week Tonight, perhaps to balance out his less-than-friendly main segment on Obama’s drone policies, John Oliver asked a question that has bothered people about Ayn Rand since she first emerged in the middle of the twentieth century: why are people into this dreck?

Rand was the founder of Objectivism, a sub-Nietzschean philosophy that glorified selfishness and denigrated altruism, aggressively detailed in two novels bearing both the weight and prose style of a cement brick. Not surprisingly, this organized atavism never gained serious purchase: during her lifetime she was rejected by everyone from literary critics to philosophy professors to Frank Lloyd Wright, who didn’t appreciate her cribbing protagonist Howard Roark from his biography.

Posted almost 5 years ago Publication date: 04 Oct 2014
Friday 03 October 2014
Richard Metzger, Dangerous Minds

Someone far funnier than I am described “adults” infatuated with the Objectivist philosophy of Ayn Rand as being like the geek who discovered OMD in the 8th grade, had his mind blown and subsequently never gave up on the idea that they were the greatest group in the history of recorded music!

Posted almost 5 years ago Publication date: 29 Sep 2014
The Express Tribune

Actor Fahad Mirza. It’s a tough call to choose one book to name as my favourite. However, if I do have to choose I would pick Ayn Rand’s The Fountainhead. The story is about two parallel worlds, the protagonists in the story become architects despite the differences in their backgrounds. One hails from an ordinary family and is a self-made man while the other has been privileged and is born in a wealthy family. It teaches one to strive hard in ones journey, believe in what they do and ignore any criticism they might hear.

Posted almost 5 years ago Publication date: 03 Oct 2014