Wednesday 05 June 2013
Oklahoma Daily

Lucky for you, we’ve compiled a list to make it easy to find the perfect novel to consume your mind from 9 to 5. “The Fountainhead” by Ayn Rand: Don’t let the dense text bother you. This novel is worth every one of its 694 pages. Our friends over at the School of Architecture will enjoy Rand’s first novel, which is all about high society, gender roles and, you guessed it, architecture. From the beginning of the novel, you are introduced to 20-year-old Howard Roark who is the definition of egotism. (For those of you who know Ayn Rand, you will understand that he is the protagonist and therefore represents most of Rand’s ideology). Roark goes through his adult life trying to become an architect, not because he wants money or fame or circumstance, simply because he loves seeing his buildings built. Rand will make you reconsider most of what you think about society, yourself and what you are doing with your life.

Posted over 5 years ago Publication date: 05 Jun 2013
Noah Millman, The American Conservative

…Solness bears some of the signs of a Randian superman. He’s self-made, growing rich and powerful without jumping through the proper credentialing hoops (he calls himself a master builder rather than an architect because he doesn’t have the degree). His work is the pure expression of his own vision, unswayed by the demands of God or man. Indeed, he is convinced that his will gives him the magical power to conjure up his desire. And younger women are practically throwing themselves at him. So perhaps it would be instructive to play him as Howard Roark, building skyscrapers rather than steeples, towers in the park rather than bourgeois homes. It would certainly provide more punch to the relationship between Solness and his junior, Ragnar Brovik (Max Gordon Moore), whom Solness has deliberately kept down so that he can continue to reign supreme among builders. Given the ever-increasing potency of Rand’s myths in our culture, a portrait of an aging Roark might actually be instructive.

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Monday 03 June 2013
Yahoo Finance

…- June 03, 2013) - What:  Six days of engaging talks, panel discussions, events and entertainment all centered on the ideas of Ayn Rand Where:  The Westin Michigan Avenue Hotel  909 N. Michigan Avenue  Chicago, IL 60611  When:  July 5-11, 2013…

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Sunday 02 June 2013
Staten Island Advance (NY)

…distracted by the pitfalls of social media and emphasized the importance of making real connections. He reinforced his message with excerpts from Ayn Rand’s novel, “The Fountainhead,” and the Book of Job. Following Mr. Ryan’s address was the farewell commencement by Valedictorian Zachary M. Deiner…

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Saturday 01 June 2013
Shubhangni Gupta, CoolAge

…scores over the storyline, where the ethos and the weight of the characters are carried forward by their ideology and not what they do next. Ayn Rand is one such author. Author of phenomenal books like We the Living, Atlas Shrugged and Anthem, Rand was able to reach heights of literary success…

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