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…How Ayn Rand became a big admirer of serial killer William Hickman  Raw StoryThere’s something deeply unsettling about living in a country where millions of…

Posted 7 months ago Publication date: 30 Jan 2015
Friday 16 March 2018
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…Raw Story How Ayn Rand became a big admirer of sadistic serial killer William HickmanRaw StoryThe best way to get to the bottom of Ayn Rand’s beliefs is to take a look…

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Wednesday 14 December 2016
Kali Holloway, AlterNet

…had the right to take over this continent.” Objectivism, Rand’s refutation of basic human decency in favor of pathological self-interest and ruthless capitalism, was correctly identified as “perfect in its…

Posted over 2 years ago Publication date: 14 Dec 2016
Kali Holloway, AlterNet

…had the right to take over this continent.” Objectivism, Rand’s refutation of basic human decency in favor of pathological self-interest and ruthless capitalism, was correctly identified as “perfect in its…

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Wednesday 07 September 2016

…Makers vs. Evil Takers, as defined by Ryan’s muse, Ayn Rand. Ryan began reading Rand in high school, where he was elected prom king, then crowned “Biggest Brown-Noser” by his classmates. “The reason I…

Posted almost 3 years ago Publication date: 07 Sep 2016
Thursday 12 May 2016
Matt Novak, Gizmodo

Today, Ayn Rand is perhaps best known as your virgin cousin’s favorite author to fawn over during Thanksgiving dinner. But back in the 1940s, Rand was better known for helping root out Communists in Hollywood. She testified to Congress and even wrote an entire pamphlet about how to make their movies as pro-America as possible that was sent to movie producers. Or at least, Rand’s version of “America.”

During his great Communist witch hunt of the 1940s and 50s, Congressman Joseph McCarthy infamously turned his eye to Hollywood. McCarthy sought to purge Tinseltown of any possible speck of pinko influence. And an organization of conservative activists known as the Motion Picture Alliance for the Preservation of American Ideals was more than happy to name names of alleged Communists working in Hollywood and provide any other assistance necessary. They even had Rand write up a guide for the movie industry.

Titled the “Screen Guide for Americans,” the pamphlet was distributed in 1947. Michigan State University has a copy of the guide, which advises producers on everything from spotting Communist subversion in their writers to the practical advice of how to avoid celebrating “the common man.” As Rand explains, glorifying “the common man” is “Communist doctrine” which “preaches the reign of mediocrity.” I’m not making this stuff up, I swear.


Posted about 3 years ago Publication date: 12 May 2016
Sunday 13 March 2016
Johnathan Razorback, Contrepoints

Personne ne songerait à élever l’existence mouvementée de Ayn Rand au rang de modèle à suivre. Le caractère intransigeant de sa personne et le fonctionnement sectaire de ses successeurs désignés incitent à une méfiance légitime, tout comme ces jugements parfois un peu court vis-à-vis de la tradition philosophique.

Néanmoins, les turpitudes de la vie romanesque de Rand ne constituent pas le commencement d’une critique honnête de son système philosophique. Il est sidérant de voir classer une ardente individualiste ayant passé sa vie à défendre les droits inaliénables de l’individu contre les empiétements du collectif ou les abus de l’État comme une « fasciste », une « social-darwiniste » ou pire encore.

Mais la médiocrité et la malhonnêteté intellectuelle ne se limitent pas à une association avec les extrêmes qu’aucune preuve ne vient corroborer. Nous l’avons vu, certains récusent tout simplement à Ayn Rand la dignité de philosophe.

Posted over 3 years ago Publication date: 13 Mar 2016
Thursday 10 March 2016
Eva Knapp, Gazette-Mail (Charleston, WV)

The Koch Foundation and BB&T have funded programs at WVU and Marshall University for years. They pre-approve the programs, and vet the instructors. A selected academic at WVU, economics professor Russell Sobel, had written a book attacking all types of regulations — including mine safety. Marshall was funded to teach works by author Ayn Rand — an advocate of unfettered capitalism.

Rand’s influence on our national politics is well established. She’s the neoliberal /Tea Party torchbearer, and the free enterprise goddess of Wall Street. The young Alan Greenspan invited her to his swearing-in when he joined the Ford Administration. Clarence Thomas is known to require his law clerks to watch a movie of her novel, The Fountainhead. Paul Ryan claimed she was the reason he entered politics.

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Thursday 08 October 2015
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Ayn Rand’s books are a big driver in the long-term right-wing campaign to delude millions of people into believing that there’s no such thing as society — that everyone must look out only for themselves. Lately, Rand’s work has enjoyed a major revival of interest. Besides Paul Ryan, she’s inspired yoga-wear company Lululemon to publish her quotations on its products, and she’s even made inroads into the North American semi-socialist enclave of Canada.

AlterNet has kept the pace with Rand’s resurgence, doing our best to educate people about what a nutcase she was and how harmful her ideas are. These 10 articles, previously published on AlterNet, shed light on why Rand’s influence on Ryan is so dangerous.

Posted almost 4 years ago Publication date: 08 Oct 2015
Wednesday 22 July 2015
Robert Tracinski, The Federalist

In Ideal, [Ayn Rand] was not yet ready to write about what the ideal actually is, but she was ready to write about how people respond to it.

Which brings us, with almost poetic symmetry, to a review of Ideal in Time magazine by Anne Heller, the author of a moderately inaccurate 2009 biography of Ayn Rand. … Heller reviews Ideal by using it to argue that idealism is dangerous. Isn’t that perfect?

Posted about 4 years ago Publication date: 22 Jul 2015
Tuesday 14 July 2015
Anne Heller, Time

As Rand’s biographer, I came to appreciate certain things about her: her
willingness to persevere as an outsider; her hard work; her ferocious drive
to formulate and articulate what - like them or not - were ideas, not
dictums or even policy papers. Yet reading Ideal today, I can’t help
glimpsing Charleston gunman Dylann Roof and his lethal ilk in the undoubting
fanaticism of Johnnie Dawes, and I am appalled.

Posted about 4 years ago Publication date: 09 Jul 2015
Monday 02 February 2015
Paul Constant, The Stranger - The Slog (Seattle, WA)

Back in the late 1920s, as Ayn Rand was working out her philosophy, she became enthralled by a real-life American serial killer…

Posted over 4 years ago Publication date: 02 Feb 2015